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Rental of Facilities by Community




The school’s facilities will be made available at a reasonable fee to all local, civic, religious, fraternal, patriotic, and community welfare organizations or groups interested in promoting cultural, educational, or recreational activities. Board-approved fees will be charged. Community use of facilities is permissible when:


1.                    The use in no way interferes with school activities;


2.                    The use is consistent with state law;


3.                    A custodian or some other school authority is present while the facilities are being used, with the exception of the high school multipurpose building;


4.                    The activity sponsored is lawful and conforms to regulations of the school;


5.                    The renting organization is responsible and will exercise care in the use of such facilities;


6.                    School facilities may not be used for personal financial gain.


7.                    A contract is signed between the renter and the school district administration office.


The administration may impose additional restrictions when it is deemed in the best interest of the school district or the students.






Use of Buildings


1.                    School buildings are community buildings and every effort will be made to cooperate with local community groups for the use of school facilities for educational and recreational purposes when ever such use does not conflict with the school’s program. Custodial service must always be provided for the care of school buildings during the period of use.


2.                    The Board of Education can not legally use money collected from taxes for school purposes to support programs of community groups, however worthy their programs may be.


3.                    A local organization shall place their request with the office of the school Superintendent unless their request is for the multipurpose facility at the high school. The request will then be cleared with the building principal and school custodian. Application forms and agreement forms for building use will be available at the Superintendent’s office.


4.                    Groups requesting the high school multipurpose facility must schedule with the Activities Director at the high school.


5.                    Groups using the school buildings or grounds must be personally supervised by a sufficient number of adult sponsors to insure orderly use of the facilities.


6.                    Rental of school facilities does not grant the privilege to operate concessions or imply a promise for the use of stage equipment, etc. Special needs must be arranged for in addition to rental of rooms. Any group using the sound system in auditorium will need to take a mini lesson to run.


7.                    Groups outside the community will not be permitted the use of school facilities unless they are sponsored by a regular community organization or granted approval by the Superintendent designee.


8.                    School related functions or groups, adult educational classes, alumni reunions, and Booster Clubs will not normally be charged for unless extra custodial services are required. A school-related group is defined as any nonprofit organization whose purpose is the development of Humboldt school age children.


9.                    Kitchen facilities are not for rent or use except by special application and then for school related functions or Student-Community related activities. Any approved use of the school kitchen for serving or preparing food will require the presence of a school-employed cook. The cost of the cook at school related fund raising activities will be paid by the district, other groups using the kitchen facilities will be charged the actual cost of the approved supervising cook.


10.                 School facilities may be used on Wednesday nights (church night) for community activities which do not involve students, unless it is a church related activity.


11.             In season non-school sponsored teams/groups composed of Humboldt students are allowed up to 2 practices per week or 3 hours per week total during the season.  The season is defined by the IAHSAA/IGHSAU season guidelines.  Out of season non-school sponsored teams/groups composed of Humboldt students are allowed a max of one 2 hour practice per week.


 12.                Custodial fees for use of school facilities:
              Week days (Monday-Friday) shall be regular pay

Saturday charge for use will be 1.5 times the week day rate

Sunday charge for use will be 2.0 times the week day rate





             $10.00 per event for adult group meetings and for recreation groups.


$7.50 per time for youth group recreation and meetings. An additional charge may be made if the public is to attend.


(Rates are based on a two-hour limit. An additional hour of use will be charged at

$5.00 per hour.)




$75.00 per night is to be charged for public events and for events when admission is charged.


             $25.00 is to be charged for cafeteria alone.


(These rates are quoted on the basis of a three-hour limit. Each additional hour to be charged at $12.00.)


$10 Rental Fee for any state hosted event




                No charge for community use.
                 If used for a camp, camp fees will apply.




When rented will be based upon custodial cost but not less than $4.00 per time. Groups of rooms may be rented at reduced rates.




Any use by community groups will have to apply for a facility contract.  a $75 rental fee will be charged.  Any extra costs related to the field use will be assessed when applicable (field paint, lines, etc.)



                Camp fees ran by a district employed coach or sponsor:
                      -No charge when no fee/admission is charged
                      -$25 charge will be assessed when a fee/admission occurs by participants
                      -$75 Camp Fee for any camp ran by an outside organization/individual
                 A custodial charge will be assessed if extra custodial time is used when applicable:
                      Week days (Monday-Friday) shall be regular pay
                       Saturday charge for use will be 1.5 times the week day rate
                       Sunday charge for use will be 2.0 times the week day rate
                 Camps must provide proof of insurance





Listed below are general guidelines for the use of school facilities for city recreation activities as organized and supervised by the city recreation director.


1.                    School facilities may be used for recreational activities organized and supervised by the city recreational director. School activities will be given preference if a conflict should develop.


2.                    The recreation director will arrange for facility use with the building principal.


3.                    The recreation director will be responsible for opening and closing buildings and for leaving the buildings in good and safe condition. Keys for this purpose will be provided by the building principal.


4.                    Custodial help will not be assigned for city recreational activities.


5.                    With previous arrangement the city may use school owned equipment and locker room facilities.


6.                    The city will not use school facilities for student age activities to be held on Wednesday night. Sunday afternoon activities may be organized.


7.                    There will not be any charge for use of school facilities; however, the city director will keep a record of the number of hours each facility is used and submit such report to the District Business Manager by June 30th. The Board of Education may then charge the city for the electricity.


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