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Iowa Safe and Supportive Schools

As part of the Iowa Safe and Supportive Schools grant initiative, Humboldt High School surveyed students, staff and parents last spring to learn more about school safety, student engagement and the overall learning environment.   Learn more about the results of the survey and the Iowa Safe and Supportive Schools Index at

 Studies show improving conditions for learning will lead to higher test scores and improved student conduct and attitudes. The Iowa Department of Education was one of 11 states in October 2010 to be awarded nearly $3.5 million in federal funds this year, and nearly $14 million total over the next four years, to support efforts that will measure and improve statewide conditions for learning, which include school safety, student engagement in school, and the overall school environment.

 Data from the student surveys and other school incident data have been used to create a Safe and Supportive Schools Index that reflects the health of a school’s optimal conditions for learning in the areas of safety, engagement and environment. A school could earn 9 points in the area of Safety, 18 points in the area of Engagement and 9 points in the area of Environment for a total possible score of 36 points. The Iowa Safe and Supportive Schools Index therefore has a range from 0 – 36.


Humboldt High School Index


Humboldt High School now begins the process of working together with the AEA and the Iowa Department of Education to strengthen overall conditions for learning in our schools and we are confident in four years Humboldt High School will be a model for schools across the state and nation. 


With the eyes of local, state and national leaders upon us, we are up to the challenge of embracing change and finding new and creative ways to support our students and ensure they are given the opportunity to succeed.”

For more information about the Safe and Supportive Schools Index and grant, contact Humboldt High School Princpial, Ms. Westhoff at 515-332-3574.

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