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Counselors Corner

Counselors Corner

Vision/Philosophy of the HHS Counseling Department
To work with the needs of the whole student addressing the personal, emotional,
physical, social and academic needs.  A place where students feel safe and maintain
all confidentiality.
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Counseling Services
School counselors help all students make appropriate personal, career, and educational decisions.
In either individual or group sessions, or classroom guidance, the counselors:

-help students to achieve increased self-awareness and feeling of self-worth
-provide opportunities for students to discuss personal and/or social problems
that may affect learning, motivation, and personal development.
-meet annually with each student to plan an educational program consistent with
his/her needs (Four Year Plan) 8-11 grades.
-provide information to students and parents about colleges, careers, and vocational schools.
-act as student advocates in any reasonable cause
-work with teachers and parents to help students achieve their potential in school.

Students can refer themselves or be referred by teachers, parents, and administrators
requesting services.  To make a referral, parents are encouraged to contact the counselor directly.

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