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College Financial Aid Guide

6 Easy Steps For Finding Financial Aid

1. CONTACT THE FINANCIAL AID OFFICE of the college you plan on attending.  Ask them for scholarship information and an application.

2. CONDUCT AN INTERNET SEARCH FOR PRIVATE SCHOLARSHIPS.  Internet searches should be done frequently! 

3. CONTACT THE DEPARTMENT OF YOUR MAJOR.  Many departments offer scholarships in addition to those available in the financial aid office.

4. DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT in addition to academics?  Contact the athletic department, music department, student activities council, etc.  Scholarships are often available for non-majors in music and theater.  School newspapers and other activities often provide scholarships as well.
5. AFTER JANUARY 1st OF YOUR SENIOR YEAR, FILL OUT THE FAFSA (FREE APPLICATION FOR FEDERAL STUDENT AID).  It will be required and used in determining eligibility for need-based aid.

Humboldt High School College Planning Night – September 13, 2011 at 6:30 pm
Financial Aid Night - November 7, 2011 at 6:30 pm

Just a Reminder:
If you require a letter of recommendation from school staff, please request it at least 2-3 weeks prior to the due date from the appropriate person(s).
If you require a copy of your transcript, make your request one week prior by filling out the form located in the office.  Mrs. Powers or Mrs. Miller in the office can help you with this.
Your ACT, SAT and ITED scores will be on your transcripts.


Websites for Scholarships, Financial Aid, Test Preparation, Careers
Something to keep in mind when doing internet searches for scholarships.  DO NOT sign up with any companies or organizations that promise to help you get scholarship and financial aid money. They are accessing their information the same way you can. They do not have access to any secret money that is not available unless you use their company.  The information is out there, it just needs to be dug into.  When doing your searches be sure to do your research on the sponsoring website.  Below will be a list of sites to get you started.  Good Luck!!
Also, remember, the majority of financial aid money comes from the financial aid office of the college or university that you plan to attend.

There are four main types of college financial aid:
Scholarships are awards given to students for who they are and what they have shown they are able to do. You may earn scholarships for good grades, community service, artistic talents, athletics, and other things.  Scholarships may or may not be renewable; that is, they may or may not last more than one year.
· Grants are awarded based upon financial need.  In general, the less financially well off a family is, the more grants their students are likely to qualify for.  Eligibility for grants is determined by colleges.
· Work-Study is a program that allows student to get a job, usually on campus and funded by the college or university.  The money earned by the student is generally expected to be used for expenses related to their education, that is, housing, tuition, and books.  Eligibility for grants is determined by colleges.
· Loans for education are like any other loan in that they must be repaid to the lender.  There are two general types of loans, subsidized and unsubsidized. The interest that accumulates on a subsidized loan while a student is in college is paid by the federal government, while the interest on an unsubsidized loan becomes part of the principle of the loan.  Once a student graduates or leaves school, the interest is paid by the borrower.  Students generally have up to ten years to repay their loans.

Career/Major Searches:



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