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Educational Foundation

The Humboldt Community School Educational Foundation is a community-based organization incorporated for the following purposes:
1. To maintain, develop, increase and extend the facilities, services resource of the Humboldt Community School District, and to provide broader educational service opportunities to its students, staff, faculty and the residents of the geographical areas which it serves;
2. To solicit and receive by gift, grant, devise, or bequest, and to acquire by purchase, lease, exchange or otherwise, property, both real and personal, either as absolute owner or as trustee thereof; and to manage and administer the same;
3. To make contributions, grants, gifts and transfers of property, both real and personal, either outright or in trust, to or for the benefit for the Humboldt Community School District, which are tax-exempt organizations.
The Educational Foundation maintains a Wall of Support at the High School in recognition of those who have provided needed support to the district through contributions made to the foundation. Contributions have been used to support numerous scholarships and academic programs, most recently the reading initiatives at all buildings.
Current Members of the Humboldt Community School Educational Foundation:
            President, Larry Curran
            Secretary, Sue Hett
            School representative, Greg Darling, Superintendent
            Board representative, Kyle Kluender
            Tim Neubauer
            Tim Anderson
            Ashley Emick
            Greg Stoebe
            Dr. Sherry Bulten
            Rob Dickey
            Jeff Goodell
            Corey Matson

Contact Person:
Sue Hett
(515) 604-2883



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