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Flex Group Reading

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Building K-5 Readers with Small Flexible Grouping


Description:  (What is small flexible group instruction?)

·         Small groups of students who have similarities in reading.

·         One reading instructor meets daily for 25-45 minutes with a group of students.

·         Each student in the group reads the whole text or part of the text during a reading session. The reading is usually soft or silent, but all members of the group are independently reading at the same time.

·         “Goldilocks Rule” - Students read books that are not too easy, not too hard, but just right.  This assures that children can read words successfully without losing meaning.

·         Books are stories (fiction) and informational (nonfiction).

·         Students’ growth is tracked as they move through increasingly challenging levels of difficulty.

·         Children read books once with instructor support and read them again until they “sound like expert readers.”

·         These groups are flexible. This means that students may change groups.  Instructors may also change which group they teach.

·         A variety of assessments are used to determine reading groups.  (DIBELS, BRI, DSA, Running Records, Teacher Input, and other assessments may be used too.)


This school year will be our second full year of full implementation.  In our staff development the teachers will be learning new strategies for the teaching of reading comprehension.  They will also be perfecting the skills they have learned to increase reading accuracy and reading fluency.


Flex Reading Picture 2 

  Tools Good Readers Use 
  1.      Look at the picture.

        2.       Go back and read it again.

        3.       Think about the story.

        4.       Get your mouth ready.

        5.       Does it make sense?

        6.       Does it sound right?

        7.       Does it look right?

        8.       Ask.

        9.       Be an expert reader.  Make sure that you know all the words in the book.


Professional Development

·       How to use the testing scores to determine student needs

·         Small Flexible Groups/Guided Reading

·         Vocabulary – Tier I, II, & III words

·         Running Records: Used to determine the level of book for each student

·         Fluency: Helping each student sound like an expert reader

·         Read Aloud:  Used to help students get their minds ready to read

·         Word Journeys:  Spelling/Phonics word sorts for small groups

·         Comprehension strategies

·         Writing components

·         Teachers observing teachers


Supporters of the Reading Initiatives at HCSD

·         Parent-Teacher Council

·         Humboldt Foundation

·         Humboldt County Community Foundation

·         HCSD Board of Education

·         Area Education Association




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