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High School Reform

Model High School/High School Reform


Program Description:

The Model High School Project, jointly supported by the Iowa Department of Education and the International Center for the Leadership in Education (ICLE), is a unique opportunity for Iowa high schools to access extensive support to assist in their high school reform efforts from a concentrated focus on struggling learners.  Twenty Iowa high schools were selected to participate in a three-year support process to help grow improvement efforts with a concentration on struggling learners using the Rigor, Relevance and Relationships framework.  Recent findings from the International Center for the Leadership in Education (ICLE) suggest that a directed focus on struggling learners can have a far reaching positive impact on the overall effectiveness to improve teaching and learning in high schools.


Anticipated Program Outcomes:

Through participation in the Model High School project, we hope:

·        To improve standardized test scores

·        To change the focus from teaching to learning

·        To increase the number of students completing the core curriculum

·        To decrease office referrals

·        To decrease the number of drop outs

·        To increase the attendance percentage


Current Implementation Status:

Humboldt High Schoolhas chosen to follow the high school reform framework of Rigor, Relevance and Relationships.  A building leadership team coordinates the efforts of five committees and staff development.  Those committees and the staff development area of focus are:


o       4-Quadrant Learning (staff development)

o       Communication (reading, writing, speaking, and technology across the curriculum)

o       Expectations of learning and instruction


o       Advisor/Advisee

o       Transition In, Through and Out of HHS

o       Environment (learning, interpersonal and facility)

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