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College Prep for Juniors and Seniors

College Prep Timeline for Fall: Juniors and Seniors


"The College Countdown,", is a great tool that provides college preparation advice to college-bound students.  Here is a checklist of things they suggest to prepare:


· Apply for a Social Security number and get a Photo ID (required for the SAT).

· Take the PSAT/NMSWT if you have not already done so.

· Talk to your guidance counselor about how your major translates into career choices and discuss beginning the college process.

· Register early for SAT I and/or Subject Tests.  (Many colleges require or recommend one to three Subject Tests for admission or placement.)

· Acquire information and advice on college applications, scholarships, and standardized tests. (Gather whatever college and career materials you may need.)

· Create a file to organize everything. (Assign a file folder for each college.)

· Attend College Night when it happens.

· Plan and prepare for the SAT I test.  Take the SAT I in October for students applying for early action/decision.

· Focus your SAT practice where you need it the most.  You'll find a free diagnostic test and targeted  PrepPacks in the SAT Prep at

· Mark your calendar with dates and deadlines.

· Consider taking an AP (Advanced Placement) course and exam in your strong subject(s).

· Take the ACT test in October.

· In November, take the SAT II: Subject Test(s).

· International students should take the TOEFL, if necessary.

· Keep your grades up!  Better grades will help you get into your #1 college!

· If you need to take the SAT or ACT again, take it as early as possible!

· Check your transcript.  See your counselor and review all information such as name, address, birth date, and Social Security Number for accuracy.

· Apply for your PIN number if you will be using the online FAFSA.

· Finalize your list of colleges, making sure your list includes "safe" as well as "reach" and "realistic" schools.

· Attend a College Fair (talk to representatives from your final list of colleges).

· Investigate campus housing options for each college you are considering.  Evaluate the expense of dorms versus other rented housing.

· Ask teachers, employers, and other adults to write recommendations for you. (Be sure to provide a stamped, addressed envelope for each school.  Give each person a month to write one and be sure to write them thank you notes.)

· Apply for financial aid and/or scholarship money.  (Go online for the FAFSA.)

· If you are 18 and male at the time you fill out the FAFSA, you are required to register with Selective Service to be eligible for state or financial aid. (Go to and click on Selective Service for a link to the Selective Service System.)

· Use online financial aid calculators to help you determine your eligibility for both federal and non-federal financial aid programs.

· If you are an "early decision" or "early action" applicant applying for financial aid, you may need to fill out a supplemental aid application.

· During October, begin thinking about topics for your college application essays, and start drafting outlines.

· Arrange for your high school counselor to send your transcripts to your prospective schools. (Know your potential schools' application deadlines!)

· Keep your calendar up-to-date with all deadlines: college applications, financial aid, scholarship, and letters of recommendation (you may need to gently remind them).

· By early November, begin drafting your essays, completing by month's end.

· Schedule admission interviews, as necessary. (Practice with family or friends.)

· Complete any applications for colleges having a December deadline. (Review the checklist provided by each college regarding the submission of all materials requested.  An application without these materials may be considered incomplete and lessen your chance to be accepted.)

· Submit your application for on-campus housing, if not done yet.

· If you are requesting college admission on an Early Action or Early Decision basis, be sure your application materials are submitted by the deadline.



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