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Humboldt Community School District

High School Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl

Quizbowl is a competition where teams of players use a buzzer system to score points for their team by answering questions on a wide range of academic topics.

What are the key ingredients of a quizbowl match?

  • Two teams of 1 to 4 players
  • The buzzer system, which any individual player can use to ring in and indicate that he/she knows the answer to a question
  • A packet of questions, which is read to both teams by a moderator
    • “Tossup” questions that both teams’ players can buzz in on when they know the answer, without having to wait until the end of the question
    • Some form of “bonus” questions allowing an individual team more chances at points
  • A running score for each team, which goes up each time a member of that team offers a correct answer to a question

Available To:

Quiz Bowl is open to Humboldt High School students grades 9 - 12.

Schedule of Events:

Four Quiz Bowl Competitions at Various School Sites. Dates TBA

Dates of Participation:

Begins in September and ends in April.

© 2020 Humboldt Community School District. All rights reserved.

© 2020 Humboldt Community School District. All rights reserved.