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Humboldt Community School District

Academic Boosters

Program Overview:

The Wildcat Academic Booster Club is designed to promote and reward students demonstrating academic excellence and provide funds for academic competitions and activities.

The WILDCAT SECONDARY (5-12) ACADEMIC BOOSTER CLUB began in 1994 when concerned parents joined forces with area businesses to emphasize and reward students for academics.   Any questions contact Greg Thomas at HHS.

Program Rationale:

Schools recognize student achievements in athletics/music/drama. The recognition and identification of students/teams are reasons those activities are popular among middle/senior high students. Schools are built as academic institutions. Students deserve to be recognized for their efforts in the classrooms and academic activities.


The cash provided by businesses/industries and individuals are used to help operate non-general budget academic activities for grades 5-12, such as: speech; quiz bowls – Thinking Cap, science, general; bees – math, geography, spelling; Stock Market; Art shows; Mock Trial; Academic Field Trips; National Honor Society induction; and Envirothon.

Business/Industry has also provided incentives/discounts to students that have earned certain grade points each semester or improved their grade point. A Gold card is issued to a student achieving a 3.67 or greater grade point for the semester. A Blue card is issued to a student achieving a 2.67 to 3.66 grade point for the semester.  A White card is issued to any student that shows an improvement in grade point average from the previous semester. 

How to Contribute:

Please consider making an individual or company donation for general use or a specific use in this program. Also consider giving a memorial to help purchase study materials, manuscripts and reference books for these groups.

Volunteer to help the Boosters by calling 332-3574. Send a donation to Wildcat Academic Boosters, HumboldtHigh School, 1500 Wildcat Road, Humboldt, IA 50548.


© 2023 Humboldt Community School District. All rights reserved.

© 2023 Humboldt Community School District. All rights reserved.