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Humboldt Community School District

Champions for Children

The District Leadership Team established a Champions for Children recognition program in the Spring of 2013. At Humboldt Community School we value teamwork and the impact it has on the profession and our students.  Effective and efficient teamwork goes beyond individual accomplishments. The most effective teamwork is produced when all the individuals involved harmonize their contributions and work towards a common goal.  Each quarter a team of staff members is recognized at the Humboldt Community School Board of Directors meeting.
  • Members work interdependently and work towards both personal and team goals, and they understand these goals are accomplished best by mutual support.
  • Members feel a sense of ownership towards their role in the group because they committed themselves to goals they helped create.
  • Members collaborate together and use their talent and experience to contribute to the success of the team's objectives.
  • Members are encouraged to offer their skills and knowledge, and in turn, each member is able to contribute to the group's success.
  • Members make a conscious effort, to be honest, respectful and listen to every person's point of view.
  • Members base their success on trust and encourage all members to express their opinions, varying views, and questions.


May 2013

Elementary Assessment Team

Diana Shillington, Beth Wilhelm, Deb Dahl, Andrea Paterson, Colette Hansen, Lynette Reigelsberger, Teresa Grice, Bree McDaniel, Steph Hundertmark, Katie Lemmenes, Kim Lemmenes and Kathy Rhode

October 2013

AIW Team (Authentic Intellectual Work) 

Rachelle Mau, Lucinda Boyd, Kathi Beach, Jennifer Savery, Tamela Johnson, and Lori Westhoff

January 2014

Building Secretaries-Infinite Campus  

Michelle Thomas, Michelle Jensen, Julie Nielsen, Cheryl Miller, Pam Conlon, Joni Torkelson, Darlene Smith

April 2014

TLC (Teacher Leadership Compensation)

Ryan Bowman, Sherri Bornhoft, Jennifer Boswell, Jennifer Savery, Lucinda Boyd, Cassie Smith, Brenda Geitzenauer, Tamela Johnson, Lori Westhoff, and George Bruder

May 2014

PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) Team

Karin Leveke, Andrea Paterson, Tamela Johnson, Carrie Spellmeyer, Brenda Larsen, Jennifer Brown, Lisa Long, Diane Bacon, Krystal Miller, Sonja Peyton, Brenda Capesius, Jon Grice, and George Bruder

November 2014

1:1 Taft Elementary Teacher Associates

Julie Hendricks, Nicole Ludolph, Sonia Himrod, Kathy Ubben, Deb Fevold, Sue Hundertmark, Carolyn Olson, and Megan Keenan


District At-Risk Team

Chad Beaman, Jennifer Brown, Andrea Paterson, Brenda McCartan, Shelley Powers and Mark Wenzel


Kristen Fisher and Bobi Treganza

MAY 2015

Transportation Department

Marv Andersen, Ted Beach, Alan Blanchard, Steve Boomgarden, Pam Davis, Les Fevold, Dennis Geitzenauer, Wendy Johnson, Leo Reigelsberger, Michael Pedersen, and Peggy Spurling

JUNE 2015

Food Service Department

Vickie Trunkhill, Carol Erickson, Rachel Hill, Deanne Myers, Shelly Umstead, Katina Warden, Melissa Kramer, Melinda Busick, Shawn Benz, Cozette Goldsmith, Robi Boge, Kim Tinken, Tamara Harms, Peggy Behrens


ELI Team (Early Literacy Implementation)

Teresa Grice, Jennifer Lash, Tiffany Larson, Lynette Reigelsberger, Kim Lemmenes, Cathy Bell, Jennifer Brown, Andrea Paterson, Rachelle Mau, Tamela Johnson, George Bruder, Michelle Zaugg, Ann Duffield, Linette Case, Diana Shillington, Kathy Rhode, Bree McDaniel, Lucinda Boyd, Beth Wilhelm, and Terri Wickre


Mindset Team

Jennifer Savery, Nancy Inman, Sara Lange, Katlin Bidne, and Justine Hellman

APRIL 2016

District Curriculum Leaders

Rodd Mooney, Tom Johnson, Ryan Bowman, Greg Wickett, Lucinda Boyd, Andrea Laubenthal, Zach Gotto and Jennifer Lash

JUNE 2016

AIW Unit Planning Corhort Team

Cassie Smith, Jeff Johnson, Carolyn Kunert, Val Nelson, Chandra McMahon and Kathi Beach


PK-12 Teacher Associates

Julie Hendricks, Jayda Henson, Sonia Himrod, Pam Hosford, Sue Hundertmark, Megan Keenan, Brittny Kramer, Rhonda Lange, Nicki Ludolph, Kim McKibban, DeDe Merris, Tracy Newman, Roxanna Olson, Trina Pederson, Katie Staton, Kylee Reimers, Diana Shillington, Pam Stalpes, Kathy Ubben, Kim Waldera, Katina Warden, Cheryl Wilcox, Beth Wilhelm, Alicia Woods, Dee Dee Wurn


TLC Mentors

Cassie Smith, Kathi Beach, Jen Savery, Mark Wenzel, Tonya Caquelin, and Laura Frerk (Twin Rivers)

APRIL 2017

HS Pi Day Team

Kathi Beach, Paul Lauger, Pam Swan, and Chandra McMahon

JUNE 2017

Administration Office Team

Lisa Thul, Annie Rathke and Rhiannon Lange


Project-Based Approach Team

Lucinda Boyd, Katlin Bidne, and Carrie Spellmeyer


5-12 Band Team

Sam Johnson, Drew Barker and Kathy Yoakam

APRIL 2018

AIW Mid-Year Team

Jennifer Savery, Jennifer Kehoe, Ryan Bowman, Emily Lane, Andrea Laubenthal, Tamela Johnson, Lori Westhoff, Lucinda Boyd, Rachelle Mau and Greg Wickett

JUNE 2018

Custodial Department Team

Troy Bindel, Bruce Davis, Michael Duffy, Jacob Green, Ken Hood, Jeff Kleiss, Terry Ruby, Jim Robinson, Joline Schulze, Terry Smith and Joe Zimmer

December 2018

Website Development Team:

Tamela Johnson, Rhiannon Lange, Michelle Thomas, Darlene Smith, Jenni Brown,
Michealeen Friesner, Joni Torkelson, Julie Nielsen, and Tony Thilges

April 2019

ELL Team:

Carmen Baker, Beth Wilhelm, Emmett Warr, Shelley Gerjets, and Liliana Raya-Thompson

June 2019

Middle School CATS Team:

Jani Wickett, Val Nelson, Jarod Haselhuhn, Lisa Theesfeld, Chelle Busse, Rona Loss,
Chad Beaman, Andrea Laubenthal, Brenda Geitzenauer, Shelley Gerjets, Niki Cade,
and Brad Nelson

Next Generation Science Standards Team:

Brenda Capesius, Shawna Bonnstetter, Jenny Boswell, Linette Case,
Courtney Hjelmeland, Kathy Stover, Trisha Tegland, Tina Clarken,
Jason Hoag, David Orr, Kayla Newton, Emily Lane, Rose Keolakhonevong,
and Ryan Bowman

December 2019

Staff Assisting with Kindergarten Classroom

Lynette Reigelsberger, Leo Reigelsberger, Mike Duffy, Jena Blackett, Jeff Kleiss, 
Jim Robinson and Joe Zimmer


June 2020                             
Food Program

Melinda Busick, Shelley Umstead, Carol Erickson, Judi Hammer, Shawn Benz,
Tammy Harms, Melissa Collins, Kim Tinken, Chris Pedersen, Al Blanchard, 
Leroy Clapper, Wendy Johnson, Deb Dahl, and Katina Warden



District Level Work

Emily Lane and Cassie Smith

Technology Team

Tony Thilges, Josh Telshaw and Mike Sherwood

January 2021
4th Grade Team

Jill Kampen, Derrick Elman, Jenna Haselhuhn, 
and Courtney Hjelmeland

HS Office Team

Emily Haynes, Joni Torkelson, and Julie Nielsen


Admin Team

Brenda Geitzenauer, Abby Horbach, Ryan Fedders, Lora Kester,
Greg Thomas, Dr. Paul Numedahl, Creighton Jenness

Josh Telschaw

Melanie Nesbitt

March 2021
Esmeralda Tejeda, Cindi Orona, Liliana Raya-Thompson
Translating at Conferences

May 2021

Translating Parent Student Handbook

Dedication of the Arts

Lifeworks Staff/Joseph Gilley and Virginia Hart-
Delivering Meals to Day Care Centers

© 2021 Humboldt Community School District. All rights reserved.

© 2021 Humboldt Community School District. All rights reserved.