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Humboldt Community School District

Staff Directory

Administrative Staff

Ryan Fedders

Taft Elementary Principal

Abby Horbach

Assistant High School Principal

Creighton Jenness

Assistant Middle School Principal

Lora Kester

Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment/Mease Principal

Greg Thomas

Activities Director/Level 1 Investigator

District Staff

Michelle Thomas

HR/Payroll Director/Equity Coordinator

Elementary Certified Staff

Chelle Busse

Elementary Title I/Special Education

Amy Gotto

Title I/Special Education Teacher

Jenna Haselhuhn

Elem TLC Instructional Coach

Stephanie Heinz

Elementary Interventionist

Lisa Murray

Elementary Special Education

Amberly Smith

Taft Special Education Teacher

Beth Wilhelm

Elem English Language Teacher

Michelle Zaugg

Elem TLC Instructional Coach

Middle School Certified Staff

Chad Beaman

MS Physical Education/At Risk/504

Susan Blanchard

MS Special Education Teacher

Megan Douglas

District At Risk Interventionist

Andrea Laubenthal

8th LA & TLC Instructional Coach

Kayla Long

8th Grade Science Teacher

Rona Loss

7th Grade Language Arts

Spencer Ross

6th Grade Social Studies

Jennifer Savery

7th/8th Grade Spanish/Explore/TLC Instructional Coach

Natalie Schulz

8th Grade Reading/Explore

Jason Thurm

8th Grade Social Studies

Janis Wickett

6th Grade Math/Success Center

High School Certified Staff

Tony Beach

Physical Education/Business

Nick Dosland

HS Special Education Teacher

Angela Duffy

HS Special Education Teacher

Joel Hanus

HS Industrial Technology Instructor

Emily Lane

HS Science & TLC Instructional Coach

Paul Lauger

HS Math & TLC Instructional Coach

Kate Orness

HS Special Education Teacher

Emma Schmidt

MS/HS Language Arts Teacher

Elizabeth Short

HS Language Arts/Success Center

Jacob Short

HS Social Studies Teacher

Greg Wickett

HS Social Studies & TLC Instructional Coach

Emily Wiebke

HS Language Arts Teacher

Shared Certified Staff

Lucinda Boyd

KG/5th/6th Vocal Music, TLC

Shelley Gerjets

MS/HS ELL Teacher/7th Literacy Teacher

Jennifer Kehoe

K-12 Media Specialist & TLC Instructional Coach

Chandra McMahon

HS-MS Math & HS-MS TAG/Challenge

Heather Nielsen

Consumer Math, Health Educator


Deb Brant

Elementary Para-Educator

Jennifer Jensen

High School Para Educator

Shelley Jensen

High School Para Educator

Sarah Kellner

Middle School Para Educator

Kris Landolt

Mease Preschool General Ed ParaEducator

Kayla Potratz

Middle School Para Educator

Support Staff

Shawn Benz

Food Service

Troy Bindel


Melissa Collins

Food Service

Bruce Davis


Carol Erickson

Food Service

Pam Houston

Food Service

Jon Kuehnast


Julie Nielsen

HS Activities/Athletic Secretary

Molly Peaton

HS/Taft Custodian

James Robinson


Joline Schulze

HS Custodian

Holly Smith


Shelly Umstead

Food Service

Joe Zimmer


© 2022 Humboldt Community School District. All rights reserved.

© 2022 Humboldt Community School District. All rights reserved.