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Wednesday, September 20, 2023
A Day – Day 5 7/8 band

HOT LUNCH CHOICES: meatloaf, nacho munchable, chicken patty sandwich, sides: mashed
potatoes and corn
Lunch menu LINK

  1. The winners of yesterday’s Texas Tuxedo dress up are: 5 th grade – Shelby Bowden, 6 th
    grade – Molly Emick, 7 th grade – Tanner Lewis, 8 th grade Ava Girres. Come to the office
    to pick up your prize.
  2. Today’s judging will take place during lunch again. Student Ambassadors remember to
    check the sheet for you judging time.
  3. Tomorrow’s homecoming attire is comfy clothes or pajamas (all school appropriate).
    Friday is blue/gold spirit day. We will allow face paint on Friday.
  4. Think you can identify these awesome staff members from their middle school days??
    Pick up a sheet in the media center, write down as many names as you can, turn your
    sheet in and the 10 students with the most correct guesses win prizes!! The last day for
    turning entries in will be end of the day on Friday. Prizes will be awarded on Monday.
    Only one entry per person, make sure you put your name at the top of the page!
  5. Midterm is Friday, September 22 nd . Students with an F in any class will be ineligible for
    10 school days.
  6. Registration for 3rd-6th grade Rec Basketball and Travel Basketball is due Friday, September
    22 nd  at the Humboldt Rec Center. All Rec games will be played at the Humboldt Rec Center. Travel
    games will be played on Saturdays in Humboldt and surrounding communities. Registrants can
    be signed up online or in person at the Humboldt Rec Center.
    Email with any questions. Register:
  7. We will have study table after school today.

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