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Humboldt Community School District

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November 10, 2022

Thursday, November 10, 2022

B Day – B3 for 7/8 band, Bacon for 5th grade



Option 1: Macaroni and cheese

To Go: Nacho munchable

Lunch menu LINK

  1. Special Olympics clothing orders due November 11. LINK
  2. Girls wrestling clothing orders due November 13. LINK
  3. Seventh and eight boys basketball pictures will be Friday, November 11.
  4. Community Youth Musical auditions will be held next week at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church. Pick up the flyer in the office if you are interested. ADD FLYER
  5. We collected 400 boxes of cereal in October. The grade level winners are: 5th grade - Elman 51, 6th Grade Hoag – 41, 7th Grade Wickett – 45, 8th Grade - Davis 31. Great Job everyone! Counselor Smith will let you know when your free/outside time has been scheduled and when our domino line-up will take place.
  6. There will be a small class of driver’s ed offered over winter break.
  • Capped at 6 students, so first come first serve
  • Will only run December 21 thru Jan 3
  • Students must be available to complete behind the wheel time with instructor Jenny Stewart during day hours and have reliable transportation to and from the middle school for their drive times
  • Contact StreetSmarts to sign up: Office 515.279.1112

Football tickets are on sale through the UNI-Dome. Fans are encouraged to purchase tickets online or through  the school to avoid waiting in line at the UNI-Dome to purchase your ticket. Tickets cost $12.50 at the door as well. There is no additional service charge to purchase tickets online if they use the special promotion code. Here is the link: bin/ncommerce3/SEGetGroupList?groupCode=ISHAA&linkID=twuni&shopperContext=&caller=&appCode= The promotion code is specific to the day your school plays:  Saturday, November 12 - SEMIFOUR 

There will be a sendoff for the football team on Saturday. The bus will be leaving at 2 o’clock from the high  school parking lot by the back door (west ramp). All are welcome. 

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© 2022 Humboldt Community School District. All rights reserved.

© 2022 Humboldt Community School District. All rights reserved.