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Science, STEM & Social Studies Enrichment

Sticky Slime
Paper Planes: Graceful Glider
Sugar Crystal Lollipops
Sensational Speakers

Science  ****(See Social Studies links at the bottom)

Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress Practice Tests: 

NASA library online
Mystery Doug sign up to receive a weekly science video to inspire you children to ask questions
Mystery Science: Free Science Lessons
Georgia Acquarium Webcam

Steve Spangler Science- Easy at home science experiments for kids. 

High School Science

The following videos are by ChemistNate, arguably the most helpful e-tutor on YouTube for Chemistry. 

Limiting Reagents:

Determining Theoretical Yield:

Another one on Theoretical Yield:

Single Displacement Reactions:

Double Displacement Reactions (not ChemistNate, but a good second):'

Charles' Law (gases):

Boyle's Law (gases):

Gay-Lussac's Law (gases):

Ideal Gas Law:

Pressure Change in a Gas When Heated:

Change in Pressure, Temperature, AND Volume in the same problem:

Molar Volume at Standard Temperature Pressure:

Finding the Density of a Gas:

Social Studies

National Geo for Kids:
Newsela: Middle school has subscription (log in with Google); has free features as well.  Articles, quizzes, questions, for all subject areas (has articles in Spanish,
The Learning Network- This blog from the New York Times (NYT) features free standards-aligned daily lessons on civics, social studies, history, and other topics related to current news and events

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© 2022 Humboldt Community School District. All rights reserved.

© 2022 Humboldt Community School District. All rights reserved.