Silver Cord Award

The Silver Cord Award is a distinguished service award available to Humboldt High School students who earn at least 400 hours of community volunteer service from the start of their freshman year through May 1 of their graduating year. At the Senior Awards program in May, recipients will receive a silver cord to wear on their robes at graduating in recognition of their achievement.

View the handbook below to learn more about the guidelines for volunteering.

Purpose of this program

  • To instill within students the important role that community service has in building a successful,
    growing community.
  • To enhance student’s learning through direct service.
  • To enable students to help others and give of themselves.
  • To enhance the self-confidence of students.
  • To increase citizenship skills of students.
  • To offer students an opportunity to work with people of assorted ages, races, and religions.
  • To foster a reaffirmation of student’s career choices.
  • To assist students in developing and participating in important projects that will enhance their resumes and college applications.
  • To present positive images of teenagers to the local community.

Submit Your Silver Cord Hours

Submit your hours and celebrate your achievements by clicking below. Please fill out the form for each place you volunteer.