Hello, The Community Scholarship Application is now available. Please click HERE to access the Google form. (The link is also posted on the school website and Mrs. Lane's remind.) You will need to submit an essay as part of the application. These are due by December 22nd. Please let Mrs. Lane know if you have any questions.

What People Are Saying


The Humboldt Community School District’s commitment to advancing student success outside the classroom is exceptionally strong. In partnership with community organizations, local businesses, and economic development partners, HCSD offers tremendous opportunities for students to engage with businesses through a variety of programs. HCSD, in connection with community partners, offers career exploration events and an internship program aimed at providing hands-on experience while helping to ease the workforce burden local businesses are facing. The Humboldt Community School District is a strong community partner providing exceptional educational and work-based learning opportunities for students. The Humboldt County Development Association is proud to support the Humboldt Community School District as they continue to offer on-going programs, projects, and initiatives to advance student achievement and experience.

Alissa O’Connor
Humboldt County Development Association


The Humboldt Community School District (HCSD) is strategic and innovative in seeking out student opportunities to help each student grow and develop in their area of interest. HCSD works with local partners to provide opportunities to students both inside and outside the classroom. Humboldt County Memorial Hospital (HCMH) is privileged to be a partner in this work by providing mental health and wellness services, classroom instruction or education, job shadowing, clinical hours, volunteer hours and any other opportunities that may come forward. HCSD works alongside our team to better understand what we do and how we can bring it to their students. By committing to this level of partnership, HCSD is giving each child the opportunity to experience how their daily schoolwork is connected to their future career aspirations. Their dedication and commitment to the advancement of each student is clearly seen through the partnership HCSD engages in daily. HCMH is honored and privileged to be a partner with HCSD as they continue to advance the education and experience for each student.

Michelle Sleiter, CEO
Humboldt County Memorial Hospital