Table of Contents

Series 100 (PDF) Legal Status
Series 200 (PDF) Board of Directors
Series 300 (PDF) Administration
Series 400 (PDF) Employees

400 Role of and Guiding Principles for Employees

400.1 Code of Ethics

401.1 Equal Employment Opportunity

401.11 Employee Orientation

401.12 Employee Use of Cell Phones

401.12R1 Employee Use of Cell Phones Regulation

401.13 Staff Technology Use Social Networking

401.13R1 Staff Technology Use Social Networking Regulation

401.14 Employee Expression

401.15 Access to Buildings

401.16 Use of Social Media and Other Electronic Communications

401.16A Use of Social Media and Other Electronic Communication Policy Acknowledgement

401.2 Employee Conflict of Interest

401.3 Nepotism

401.4 Employee Complaints

401.5 Employee Records

401.5R1 Employee Records Regulation

401.5R2 Use and Security of National Criminal History Record Information (CHRI)

401.6 Limitations to Employment References

401.7 Employee Travel Compensation

401.8 Recognition for Service of Employees

401.9 Employee Political Activity

402.1 Release of Credit Information

402.2 Child Abuse Reporting

402.2R1 Child Abuse Reporting Regulation

402.3 Abuse of Students by School District Employees

402.3E1 Abuse of Students by School District Employees Report Form

402.3E2 Abuse of Students by School District Employees Level I Investigation

402.3R1 Abuse of Students by School District Employees Regulation

402.4 Gifts to Employees

402.5 Required Professional Development for Employees

402.5R1 Public Complaints About Employees Complaint Form

402.6 Employee Outside Employment

403.1 Employee Physical Examinations

403.2 Employee Injury on the Job

403.3 Communicable Diseases Employees

403.3E1 Hepatitis B Vaccine Information and Record

403.3R1 Communicable Diseases Employees Regulation

403.4 Hazardous Chemical Disclosure

403.5 Substance Free Workplace

403.5E1 Substance Free Workplace Notice to Employees

403.5R1 Substance Free Workplace Regulation

403.6 Drug And Alcohol Testing Program

403.6E1 Drug And Alcohol Testing Program Notice to Employees

403.6E2 Drug And Alcohol Testing Program Ackowledgment Form

403.6E3 Drug And Alcohol Program And Pre Employment Testing Written Consent To Share Information 403.7 Workplace Bullying

404 Employee Conduct and Appearance

404.1R1 Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics Regulation

404.1R2 Code of Rights and Responsibilities Regulation

405.1 Licensed Employee Defined

405.2 Licensed Employee Qualifications, Recruitment, Selection

405.3 Licensed Employee Individual Contracts

405.4 Licensed Employee Continuing Contracts

405.5 Licensed Employee Work Day

405.6 Licensed Employee Assignment

405.7 Licensed Employee Transfers

405.8 Licensed Employee Evaluation

405.9 Licensed Employee Probationary Status

406.1 Licensed Employee Compensation

406.2 Licensed Employee Compensation Advancement

406.3 Licensed Employee Continued Education Credit

406.4 Licensed Employee Compensation for Extra Duty

406.5 Licensed Employee Group Insurance Benefits

406.6 Licensed Employee Tax Shelter Programs

407.1 Licensed Employee Resignation

407.2 Licensed Employee Contract Release

407.3 Licensed Employee Early Retirement

407.3B Licensed Employee Voluntary Early Retirement Benefit

407.4 Licensed Employee Suspension

407.5 Licensed Employee Reduction in Force

408.1 Licensed Employee Professional Development

408.2 Licensed Employee Publication or Creation of Materials

408.3 Licensed Employee Tutoring

409.1 Employee Vacation Holidays

409.2 Employee Leaves of Absence

409.3 Employee Family and Medical Leave

409.3E1 Employee Rights Under the Family and Medical Leave Act

409.3E2 Notice of Eligibility and Rights & Responsibilities (FMLA)

409.3R1 Employee Family and Medical Leave Regulation

409.3R2 Employee Family and Medical Leave Definitions

410.1 Substitute Teachers

410.2 Summer School Licensed Employees

410.4 Education Associate

411.1 Classified Employee Defined

411.2 Classified Employee Qualifications, Recruitment, Selection

411.3 Classified Employee Contracts

411.4 Classified Employee Licensing Certification

411.5 Classified Employee Assignment

411.6 Classified Employee Transfers

411.7 Classified Employee Evaluation

411.8 Classified Employee Probationary Status

412.1 Classified Employee Compensation

412.2 Classified Employee Wage and Overtime Compensation

412.3 Classified Employee Group Insurance Benefits

412.4 Classified Employee Tax Shelter Programs

413.1 Classified Employee Resignation

413.2 Classified Employee Retirement

413.2B Classified Employee Voluntary Early Retirement Benefit

413.3 Classified Employee Suspension

413.4 Classified Employee Dismissal

413.5 Classified Employee Reduction In Force

414 Classified Employee Professional Purposes Leave

415.1 Complimentary Pass

Series 500 (PDF) Students

501.1 Resident Students

501.10 Truancy Unexcused Absences

501.10R1 Truancy Unexcused Absences Regulation.docx

501.11 Student Release During School Hours

501.12 Pregnant Students

501.13 Students of Legal Age

501.14 Open Enrollment Transfers Procedures as a Sending District

501.15 Open Enrollment Transfers Procedures as a Receiving District

501.16 Homeless Children and Youth

501.2 Nonresident Students

501.3 Compulsory Attendance

501.4 Entrance Admissions

501.5 Attendance Center Assignment

501.6 Student Transfers In

501.7 Student Transfers Out Or Withdrawals

501.8 Student Attendance Records

501.9 Student Absences Excused

501.9E1 Request for Remote Learning Form

502.1 Student Appearance

502.10 Use of Motor Vehicles

502.2 Care of School Property Vandalism

502.3 Student Expression and Student Publications

502.3R1 Student Expression and Student Publications Code

502.4 Student Complaints and Grievances

502.5 Student Lockers

502.6 Weapons

502.7 Student Substance Use

502.8 Search and Seizure

502.8E1 Search and Seizure Checklist

502.8R1 Search and Seizure Regulation

502.9 Interviews of Students by Outside Agencies

503.1 Student Conduct

503.1R1 Student Suspension

503.2 Expulsion

503.3 Fines Fees Charges

503.3R1 Student Fee Waiver and Reduction Procedures

503.4 Good Conduct Academic Eligibility Rule

503.5 Corporal Punishment, Mechanical Restraint and Prone Restraint

503.6 Physical Restraint and Seclusion of Students

503.6E1 Use of Physical Restraint and or Seclusion Documentation Form

503.6E2 Debriefing Letter to Guardian of Student Involved in an Occurance where Physical Restraint and or Seclusion was Used

503.6E3 Debriefing Meeting Document

503.6R1 Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion with Students

503.7 Student Disclosure of Identity

503.7E1 Report of Student Disclosure of Identity

503.7E2 Request to Update Student Identity

504.1 Student Government

504.2 Student Organizations

504.4 Student Performances

504.6 Student Activity Program

505.1 Student Progress Reports and Conferences

505.2 Student Promotion Retention Acceleration

505.3 Student Honors and Awards

505.4 Testing Program

505.5 Graduation Requirements

505.5E Graduation Requirements(Class of 2015 following)

505.7 Commencement

505.8 Parent and Family Engagement Districtwide Policy

505.8R1 Parent and Family Engagement Building Level Regulation

506.1 Education Records Access

506.1A Education Records Checklist

506.1E1 Request of Nonparent for Examination or Copies of Education Records

506.1E2 Authorization for Release of Education Records

506.1E3 Request for Hearing on Correction of Education Records

506.1E4 Request for Examination of Education Records

506.1E5 Notification of Transfer of Education Records

506.1E6 Letter to Parent Regarding Receipt of a Subpoena

506.1E7 Juvenile Justice Agency Information Sharing Agreement

506.1E8 Annual Notice

506.1E9 Annual Notice (Spanish Version)

506.1R1 Use of Education Records Regulation

506.2 Student Directory Information

506.2E1 Authorization For Releasing Student Directory Information

506.2R1 Use of Directory Information

506.3 Student Photographs

506.4 Student Library Circulation Records

506.4E1 Student Library Circulation Records Form

507.1 Student Health and Immunization Certificates

507.2 Administration of Medication to Students

507.2E1 Authorization for Asthma or Airway Constricting Disease Medication or Epinephrine Auto Injector Self Administration Consent Form

507.2E1A Prescription Med Administration Form

507.2E1B Non Prescription Medication Administration Form

507.2E2 Parental Authorization and Release Form for the Administration of Medication to Students

507.2E3 Parental Authorization and Release Form for the Independent Self Carry and Administration of Prescribed Medication or Independent Delivery of Health Services by the Student

507.2E4 Parental Authorization and Release Form for the Administration of Voluntary School Stock of Over the Counter Medication to Students

507.3 Communicable Diseases Students

507.4 Student Illness or Injury at School

507.5 Emergency Plans and Drills

507.6 Student Insurance

507.7 Custody and Parental Rights

507.8 Student Special Health Services

507.8R1 Special Health Services Regulation

507.9 Wellness Policy

507.9R1 Wellness Regulation

508.1 Class or Student Group Gifts

508.2 Open Night

Series 600 (PDF) Education Program

600 Goals and Objectives of the Education Program

601.1 School Calendar

601.2 School Day

602.1 Curriculum Development

602.2 Curriculum Implementation

602.3 Curriculum Evaluation

602.4 Pilot Experimental Innovative Projects

603.1 Basic Instruction Program

603.10 Global Education

603.11 Citizenship

603.2 Summer School Instruction

603.3 Special Education

603.4 MultiCultural Gender Fair Education

603.5 Health Education

603.5E1 Human Growth and Development Student Excuse Form

603.6 Physical Education

603.7 Career Education

603.8 Teaching About Religion

603.8R1 Teaching About Religion Regulation Religious Holidays

603.9 Academic Freedom

603.9R1 Teaching Controversial Issues

604.1 Private Instruction

604.10 Online Courses

604.11 Appropriate Use of Online Learning Platforms

604.2 Individualized Instruction

604.3 Program for Talented and Gifted Students

604.4 Program for At Risk Students

604.5 Religious Based Exclusion from a School Program

604.6 Instruction at a Post Secondary Educational Institution

604.7 Dual Enrollment

604.8 Foreign Students

605.1 Instructional Materials Selection

605.1R1 Selection of Instructional Materials

605.2 Instructional and Library Materials Inspection

605.3 Objection to Instructional and Library Materials

605.3E1 Instructions to the Reconsideration Committee

605.3E2 Reconsideration of Instructional and Library Materials Reconsideration Request Form

605.3E3 Sample Letter to Individual Challenging Instructional Materials

605.3E4 Request to Prohibit a Student from Checking Out Specific Library Materials

605.3E5 Request to Prohibit a Student from Accessing Specific Instructional Materials

605.3R1 Reconsideration of Instructional and Library Materials Regulation

605.4 Technology and Instructional Materials

605.5 School Library

605.6 Internet Access and Internet Safety

605.6E1 Internet Access Permission Letter to Parents

605.6E2 Internet Appropriate Use Violation Notice

605.6R1 Internet Appropriate Use Regulation

605.7 Use of Information Resources

605.7R1 Use of Information Resources Regulation

605.8 Artificial Intelligence in the Education Environment

605.8R1 Artificial Intelligence in the Educational Environment Regulation

606.1 Class Size Class Grouping

606.2 School Ceremonies and Observances

606.3 Animals in the Classroom

606.4 Student Production of Materials and Services

606.5 Student Field Trips and Excursions

606.6 Insufficient Classroom Space

607.1 Student Guidance and Counseling Program

607.2 Student Health Services

607.2R1 Student Health Services Regulation

Series 700 (PDF) Non-Instructional Operations and Business Services

700 Purpose of NonInstructional and Business Services

701.1 Depository of Funds

701.2 Transfer of Funds

701.3 Financial Records

701.4 Governmental Accounting Practices and Regulation

701.5 Fiscal Management

701.5R1 Fiscal Management Financial Metrics

702 Cash in School Buildings

703.1 Budget Planning

704.1 Local State Federal Miscellaneous Revenue

704.2 Debt Management Policy

704.2R1 Post Issuance Compliance Regulation For Tax Exempt Obligations

704.3 Investments

704.4 Gifts Grants Bequests

704.5 Student Activities Fund

704.6 Online Fundraising Campaigns Crowdfunding

704.6R1 Fundraising Within the District Regulation

705.1 Purchasing Bidding

705.1R1 Suspension and Debarment of Vendors and Contractors Procedure

705.1R2 Using Federal Funds in Procurement Contracts

705.2 Credit and Procurement Cards

705.3 Payment for Goods and Services

705.4 Expenditures for a Public Purpose

705.4R1 Use of Public Funds Regulation

706.1 Payroll Periods

706.2 Payroll Deductions

706.3 Pay Deductions

706.3R1 Pay Deduction Regulation

707.1 Business Manager’s Reports

707.4 Audit

707.5 Internal Controls

707.5R1 Internal Controls Procedures

707.6 Audit Committee

708 Care, Maintenance and Disposal of School District Records

709 Insurance Program

710.1 School Nutrition Program

710.1E1 School Nutrition Program Notices of Nondiscrimination

710.1E2 Child Nutrition Programs Civil Rights Complaint Form

710.1R1 School Nutrition Program Civil Rights Complaints Procedure

710.2 Free or Reduced Meals Eligibility

710.3 Vending Machines

710.4 Meal Charges

711.1 Student School Transportation Eligibility

711.10 School Bus Passenger Restraints

711.10R1 School Bus Seat Belt Policy

711.2 Student Conduct on School Transportation

711.2R1 Student Conduct on School Transportation Regulation

711.3 Student Transportation for Extracurricular Activities

711.4 Summer School Program Transportation Service

711.5 Transportation of Nonresident and Nonpublic School Students

711.6 Transportation of Nonschool Groups

711.7 School Bus Safety Instruction

711.8 Transportation in Inclement Weather

711.8R1 Transportation in Inclement Weather Regulation

711.9 District Vehicle Idling

712 Technology and Data Security

712R1 Security Requirements of Third Party Vendors Regulation

713 Responsible Technology Use and Social Networking

713R1 Responsible Technology Use and Social Networking Regulation

Series 800 (PDF) Buildings and Sites
Series 900 (PDF) School District – Community Relations
Social Media Policy (PDF)