ALPHA Alternative Learning Center

Alternative Learning Program For the Humboldt Area

In the fall of 2012, the District opened an ALPHA (Alternative Learning Program for the Humboldt Area) center. The program currently has 20 students (split between morning and afternoon sessions), one teacher and one associate. Students in this program have the opportunity to complete their Humboldt High School diploma in a smaller learning environment, while still having access to all the classes and extra-curricular offerings that all Humboldt High School students have access to.

ALPHA Program Purpose

The purpose of ALPHA (Alternative Learning Program for Humboldt Area) is to engage students in an individualized educational and vocational program in a safe and secure environment and to learn the knowledge and skills necessary in order to become a responsible and productive member of society.

ALPHA Program Goals

  1. To provide a caring atmosphere that generates and recognizes positive student attitudes toward themselves, others, the school environment, and their community.
  2. To provide an individualized academic environment combined with group interaction experiences.
  3. To promote good work habits, promote effective communication skills, self-direction and foster self-responsibility within each student’s capabilities.  
  4. To provide academic instruction in the core areas and promote vocational opportunities and skills.
  5. To develop a positive self-concept and a sense of belonging to their school and community.
  6. To provide the skills for a successful transition into becoming a responsible and productive member of society.
  7. To regularly monitor student progress and report directly to student and parents.
  8. To promote positive relationships through regular communication between students, parents, and school.
  9. To provide an opportunity to gain work experience, whether paid or unpaid.

Students complete classes online through the Edgenuity (E2020) platform. Humboldt High School teachers set up online classes to match their curriculum.  The ALPHA school year is set up in blocks, each block is about 23 days long. There are 4 blocks in a semester. ALPHA students complete and sign an academic contract at the beginning of each block which keeps them accountable in their academic status and enrollment in the program. 

Since ALPHA started we have had 39 Humboldt High School graduates!