Champions For Children

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Transportation Department for transporting students safely.
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Ryan Fedders and Jenna Haselhuhn for Leading Taft and Mease Elementary to the highest level so that
there is learning and success for all.
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Emily Willadsen for For coordinating a community pep band.
Megan Douglas, Emily Lane, Kristy Smith and Stephanie Heinz for continuous support for our students and staff mental health needs.
Mike Blair for outstanding job serving the Humboldt Music Department.
Shelly Gerjets and Vanesa Wirtz for Supporting and Helping EL Students.
Michelle Armitage for Going above and beyond for students.
Website Dev Team Champions for Children (3)
TLC Champions for Children
SNewton ChampionsforChildren
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Linda D ChampionsforChildren
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HS Associates Champions for children 2022
District Curriculum Leaders
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ChampionsforChildren Tiffany Wurth
ChampionsforChildren Mease Team
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ChampionsforChildren Lifeworks
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