Last day of school for students is Friday, May 24th- 2 Hour Early Dismissal
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In the spotlight

What people are saying

Let me begin with a little perspective to my comments. I’ve been a resident of the Humboldt community for over 4 decades. My two adult children attended the Humboldt Community School District graduating in 2011 and 2014 respectfully. Today, two of my grandchildren, grades 1 and 3, are also attending the school district. There are numerous things that stand out to me which has allowed the school district to sustain its level of excellence throughout the years. Several of which are Tradition, Commitment, and first and foremost an atmosphere of Family. I know that might sound like a cliché, much like the “Iowa Nice” phrase, but one that I truly believe is an accurate description of what is taking place within our schools today. Each and everyone of the students are a precious treasure and are treated accordingly. Especially considering the challenging conditions that our administrators, educators, staff, parents and guardians are dealing with in today’s climate. It literally takes a “village” to raise these children! I’m Proud to be a Wildcat! To be part of the Tradition, Commitment, and a member of this Family community!

Dan Scholl Mayor, city of Humboldt.

Congrats to IMG 2001

National Honor Society

Congratulations to the following students on being inducted into National Honor Society: Alex Armitage, Macy Berte, Larsen Bonnstetter, Elliot Carlson, Jasmine Fusco, Keegan Groat, Mack Harklau, Elsi Hubbell, Jarin Kroeger, Brogan Lennon-Meyer, Morgan Mann, Adam Manz, Morgan Mayall, Kaitlyn Nelson, Paige Nelson, Ava Newton, Peyton Pedersen, Parker Sleiter, Tielyr Smith, Mason Van Pelt, Samantha Varangkoung, Margaret Zweibohmer.


The Wildcat Way

Wildcat Way

Wildcat Way started as a way for students to increase their pride in their school, environment, and each other. We want students to share their leadership, talents, and sense of community outside of the classroom. We want our students to leave a legacy they can be proud of. Humboldt Wildcats are legacy builders and we can share our success and lift up those around us through our actions, through doing things the #wildcatway.

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