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HHS students, staff, and local community members ROCKED the blood drive on Wednesday! 

Here are the official results from the blood drive:

We had 48 registered donors. 

There were 41 products collected 

There are 123 potential lives saved by our donations. 

Not only did we get 48 registered donors but 28 of these were FIRST TIME donors! Hopefully, we have created some lifetime life savers! 

Megan Myers

Tide pods

Student Senate held a Powder Puff game in November and raised $1,400 for F.U.E.L! The funds were used to purchase Tide Pods Laundry Detergent that will be given to families.

Heather Johnson

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We did our fill the truck event last night (October 17, 2023) at the volleyball game. We collected 236 items of clothing & blankets! We also collected money to donate to the local animal shelters. 

Caitlyn Holm


Student Senate donated $1,100.00 to the Humboldt County Food Bank. Student Senate members Claire Weydert and Macy Berte presented the food pantry with the check today!


The reason why I wanted to continue this tradition (high five Friday) was because I saw the impact that it had on my own son and I thought it was such a cool idea that the little kids were able to see their high school heroes off the field or court.  The little kids really look up to the high school students and it’s cool to see the difference our high school students can make.

Megan Myers

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On September 22nd, 2023 the Humboldt Music Department lent their blue feather plumes to the Algona Marching Band. The Algona Band was able to wear these plumes for their homecoming football game in honor of Officer Kevin Cram.

Emily Willadsen

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After Officer Cram from Algona was killed in the line of duty, we wanted to honor him in whatever way we could. We participated in the “Touchdowns for heroes” on Friday, September 15th, 2023 where donations were given for each touchdown scored in games across the area. We also decided to remember him and all other law enforcement by painting our Wildcat logo black and including a thin blue line. An American Flag was also mowed into the field. 

Derrick Elman

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Before every Memorial Day and Independence Day, The Humboldt Wildcat football team volunteers to place over 100 flags around the Humboldt County Courthouse Building. This yearly project allows members of the football team to understand the impact they can have by volunteering in their community. A project that used to take the local VFW at least an hour and a half to complete now can be finished in under 30 minutes. 

Derrick Elman