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Humboldt Community School District

Staff Directory

Administrative Staff

George Bruder

Elem Principal

George Bruder is proud to serve as principal at Mease and Taft Elementary Schools. He believes the students are outstanding and make the buildings come to life. The teachers and all school personnel are dedicated to bringing the very best educational experience possible for the students. He is especially proud...

Greg Darling


Greg Darling is blessed to be the superintendent of Humboldt - leading one of the top recognized schools in the state of Iowa. He is a part of a vibrant, growing community with great pride and a tradition of excellence in academics, athletics, and the arts. As the superintendent, he...

Brenda Geitzenauer

MS Principal

Brenda Geitzenauer is the Middle School Principal serving grades 5-8. Working at the middle school level is very rewarding and no two days are ever the same. Students in middle school have their own set of challenges which push the staff members to look at unique ways to work together...

Tamela Johnson

Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, ECLC Director, Level 1 Investigator

Tamela Johnson serves as the district administrator for state reporting, curriculum, instruction, and assessment. She serves as the District EL Coordinator, PS Director, and as an AIW Coach. She strives ti meet the demands of the IA Department of Education, the needs of staff and students and staying current with...

Brad Nelson

MS Dean of Students/Athletic Director

Brad Nelson serves as the Dean of Students and Activities Director at Humboldt Middle School. Brad enjoys working with students and staff to ensure that all students learn at high levels. One of Brad's favorite things about being an AD is the opportunity to see kids improve and grow and...

Greg Thomas

HS Ass't Principal/AD/Level 1 Investigator

Greg serves the district as the Assistant High School Principal and 9-12 Activities Director. Humboldt offers a wide range of activities for students to engage in at the high school level. Traditionally, we have a very high percentage of high school student participation. It is a great time to be...

Lori Westhoff

HS Principal

We have great students and staff at HHS!! The support of our parents and community is awesome!! We have so many opportunities for our students to help prepare them for their lives after high school.

District Staff

Rhiannon Lange

Board Secretary

Annie Rathke

Finance Manager

Leo Reigelsberger

Transportation Director

Josh Telshaw

Technology Assistant

Tony Thilges

Technology Director

Tony Thilges serves as the Technology Coordinator for the Humboldt Community School District. What Tony enjoys about working with the school district is helping students and staff maximize their learning potential through the use of technology.

Lisa Thul

Assistant Finance Manager/Equity Coordinator

Elementary Certified Staff

Josephine Alstott

3rd Grade

Mrs. Alstott is one of our third grade teachers at Taft Elementary.

Shawna Bonnstetter

1st Grade

Jennifer Boswell

2nd Grade

Elementary Teacher- Mrs. Boswell challenges students to be deep thinkers. She enjoys the varied content at the elementary and being able to creatively teach for understanding. Of course, the highlight for Mrs. Boswell is to be able to connect with students on a daily basis

Brenda Capesius


Brenda Capesius is a Kindergarten teacher. She enjoys the students and seeing their excitement for learning new things.

Joseph Capesius

3rd Grade

Joseph Capesius is a third grade teacher. He is a strong advocate for learning and success for all in the Humboldt Community School District.

Tonya Caquelin

Elem Special Education

Tonya Caquelin serves as the K-4 Elementary Level 3 Special Education teacher. Tonya enjoys watching her students be successful and making gains year after year.

Linette Case

3rd Grade

Elizabeth Dent

Elem School Counselor

Liz Dent is the School Counselor for EC5-4th grade. She works with students in classrooms, small groups, and individually to promote social learning and emotional health.

Ann Duffield

2nd Grade

Mrs. Ann Duffield teaches 2nd grade at Taft Elementary. Mrs. Duffield enjoys working with students and helping them reach their fullest potential in academics, character, and citizenship.

Kelli Edge

1st Grade

Kelli Edge is a first grade teacher. One of the things that she likes about working for Humboldt Community School District is how all of the teachers work together to make sure that each student gets what they need to be successful.

Derrick Elman

Derrick Elman teaches 4th grade at Taft Elementary School. He enjoys working with a 4th grade team dedicated to building well-rounded students who succeed beyond the walls of school.

Zachary Gotto

2nd Grade

Zach Gotto serves as a second grade general education elementary teacher. He also leads mathematics curriculum professional development, and is an AIW anchor. Zach coaches 8th grade football, middle school wrestling, and freshman baseball. Teaching, leading adults, and coaching at these levels are very gratifying for Zach because there is...

Jon Grice

Elem Art

Jon Grice has taught various combinations of PreK-12th grade visual art in the HCSD since 1987. One of the professional aspects that Jon enjoys most about teaching is watching kids grow and have success in his classes.

Teresa Grice

Elem Title I Teacher

Teresa Grice serves as one of the elementary Title 1 Reading teachers. Teresa enjoys collaborating with the other staff members to ensure that each of the students grow to his/her full potential.

Courtney Hjelmeland

4th Grade

Courtney Hjelmeland serves as a 4th grade teacher at Taft Elementary. Something Courtney really enjoys about her work is the collaboration and team atmosphere. She appreciates that everyone works together to do what is best for our students.

Stephani Hundertmark

Elem Special Education

Steph Hundertmark serves the upper elementary special education students. Mrs. Hundertmark believes that all children can learn and provides a comfortable environment in which to do so. She enjoys helping her students increase their skills and working with her colleagues.

Nancy Inman

Elem Special Education

Nancy is a K-6th grade special education teacher at Mease and St. Mary. She enjoys seeing her students succeed in areas that they once considered difficult. She enjoys their delight when they are able to show what they know.

Leslie Ireland

EC-4/Preschool Teacher

Leslie Ireland serves as an Early Childhood Special Educator/Preschool Teacher at Mease. Leslie loves all the excitement and curiosity her students have for learning.

Jill Kampen

4th Grade

Jill is a fourth grade teacher at Taft Elementary. She likes being a team player, and works hard to build a safe caring environment in her classroom. She enjoys watching her students grow into life long learners.

Brenda Larsen

1st Grade

Brenda Larsen teaches First Grade at Taft Elementary. Brenda especially likes the enthusiasm that first graders bring to the classroom-the joy of loving to come to school and the eagerness to learn. One of the best things Brenda likes about being an employee of Humboldt Schools is the teamwork shown...

Jennifer Lash


Jennifer Lash is a Kindergarten Teacher at Mease Elementary. She really enjoys seeing the kids growth each year as they become readers!

Lisa Long

4th Grade

Lisa Long is a 4th grade general education teacher at Taft. Lisa enjoys working with the students and families of Humboldt.

Sarah McCullough

Elem Reading Teacher

Sarah McCullough serves as an Early Childhood/Elementary Literacy teacher. One of the things Sarah likes about working for the school is observing all ages of students grow intellectually in Literacy and become a successful reader.

Bree McDaniel

Elem Special Education

Bree McDaniel teaches K-2 Special Education. Bree enjoys working with wonderful staff and teaching a variety of content areas.

Staci Matson


Staci Matson is a Kindergarten teacher and is very thankful for the awesome staff she gets to work with everyday.

Krystal Miller

2nd Grade

Krystal Miller serves as a second grade teacher at Taft Elementary. One thing she enjoys about working for the school is seeing the moment when students finally comprehend what she is teaching them. Working with such caring and helpful colleagues is another aspect of her job she finds rewarding.

Andrea Paterson

EC-5 Teacher

Andrea Paterson is the Early Childhood 5 year old teacher (EC5). One of the things Andrea likes about working for the school is working with children everyday, listening to their stories, seeing their smiles when they learn something new and helping them grow each year.

Sonja Peyton

1st Grade

Sonja Peyton is a 1st Grade teacher. Sonja loves watching the students grow and gain confidants in themselves and what they can do. She also loves how the staff feels like a family and works together to help all students be successful.

Lynette Reiglesberger

Elem Title I-Reading

Lynette Reigelsberger is one of the Title I Reading teachers at Mease and Taft. One of the things Lynette enjoys about working for the school is all of the positive interactions with students and how our staff works together to provide a safe and caring environment in which learning can...

Rhonda VanPelt

1st Grade

Rhonda Van Pelt is a first grade classroom teacher. She enjoys working in the educational and nurturing environment at Taft Elementary School.

Stacey Wardell


Stacey Wardell is a Preschool Teacher (EC-4), serving four-year-olds and preschool students with special needs. One of the things Stacey likes about working for the school is that the staff at Mease are supportive, caring, and all work together to do what is best to meet the needs of all...

Terri Wickre


Terri Wickre serves as a Kindergarten classroom teacher. On thing that Terri likes about working for the school is everyone works together for the success of all students.

Beth Wilhelm

Elem English Language Teacher

Beth teaches K-4 ESL. She loves seeing the progress English language learners make in their speaking and reading skills.

Michelle Zaugg

Elem TLC Instructional Coach

Michelle Zaugg serves as an interventionist and is a literacy coach for preschool-4th grade. One of the things Michelle likes about working in the HCSD is seeing the growth that students make when teachers collaborate.

Middle School Certified Staff

Chad Beaman

MS Physical Education/At Risk/504

Chad Beaman serves as the 5-8 Physical Education Instructor, K-12 At-Risk and 504 Coordinator, HS Football Assistant, HS Head Wrestling Coach and 7th Grade Track Coach. One of the things Chad likes about working for Humboldt Community Schools is the vast number of students and staff that he has the...

Erica Birdwell


Erica Birdwell serves as the Middle School STEM teacher and 6th grade math teacher. One of the things Erica enjoys about working in the Middle School is working with all of the students and staff.

Jan Brown

7th Social Studies

Jan Brown serves as the 7th grade social studies teacher, teaching geography. One of the things Jan likes about working for the school is that the teachers in the district are life-long-learners. Always trying to improve their knowledge of their subject area and learning new teaching strategies to help all...

Chelle Busse

MS Special Education

Chelle Busse is the 7th Grade Special Education Teacher. One of the things she likes about the Humboldt Middle School is working with all the different teachers and students. Chelle enjoys the challenge of helping all students be successful. She loves being a Humboldt Wildcat! Go Cats!

Niki Cade

MS Guidance Counselor

Niki Cade works as the 5th-8th grade school counselor. She enjoys working with students, parents, staff and the community to make for a successful learning environment that helps students achieve their goals. Miss Cade focuses on personal/social, academic and career development in Humboldt Middle School's school counseling program.

Sherry Carlson

MS Special Education

Sherry Carlson is a special education teacher at the middle school. She enjoys making connections with students and preparing them for the world beyond school.

Tina Clarken

7th Grade Science

Tina Clarken is a Middle School Science teacher. She teaches her Science students Earth, Life and Physical Science.

Samantha Davis

8th Grade Language Arts

Samantha Davis is an 8th grade language arts teacher. One of the things Samantha likes about working for the school is that the staff are all great at collaborating and helping any staff/student who needs it.

Deanne Hatcher

5th Grade

Deanne Hatcher is a fifth grade math & language arts instructor at Humboldt Middle School. One of the most rewarding parts of her job is connecting with kids and watching them grow socially and academically. She loves the family atmosphere that is apparent when you walk through the halls. The...

Ashley Havens

MS Family & Consumer Science

Ashley provides education in the various circular areas of Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) and acts as the adviser to the middle school chapter of the Family Career and Community Leaders of America or FCCLA. Ashley enjoys teaching students the basic life skills they need as well as exposing students...

Jason Hoag

8th Grade Science

Jason Hoag works as an 8th grade science and success center teacher. One of his favorite things about working with the students of Humboldt is seeing them gain new knowledge, and understanding of difficult topics.

Jeff Johnson

7th Grade Math, HS Math Department

Jeff Johnson is a secondary math teacher. He enjoys helping students make connections to their prior knowledge. This fosters a smooth transition to upper level mathematics.

Sam Johnson

7th/8th Instrumental Music

Sam Johnson is the director of the 7th and 8th Grade Band at Humboldt Middle School. He also teaches two music explore classes: one focused on the guitar, the other focused on composition. In addition, he assists with the 5th Grade Band, 6th Grade Band, and High School Band in...

Andrea Laubenthal

8th LA & TLC Instructional Coach

Andrea Laubenthal teaches 8th Grade Literacy while also serving as an instructional coach in the district. Andrea enjoys working with students in her own classroom become better readers and writers, preparing them for high school. She also enjoys getting to know students in all grades while working with teachers to...

Leslie Lawrence

MS Special Education

Leslie Lawrence is an 8th grade Special Education teacher at Humboldt Middle School. Mrs. Lawrence spent many years teaching General Education, but has found a passion to help students that may need extra support in the classroom, because she loves to help all students realize they can be successful.

Rona Loss

7th Grade Language Arts

Rona Loss serves as one of the 7th grade literacy teachers. One of the best parts about working for the school is the daily scheduled team time that allows for staff to focus on students and learning.

Valerie Nelson

6th Grade Reading

Val Nelson serves as the 6th grade Reading teacher. One of the things Val likes about working for the school is that everyone puts kids first. Our staff provides a safe and caring environment so that all students can learn and be successful.

Hannah Parker

MS Special Education

Hannah Parker serves as the 5th grade Special Education teacher. One of the things Hannah likes the most about working for Humboldt schools is that everyone is working toward the same goal of Success for All, and it shows in the instruction and learning environments within the school setting.

Emily Peterson

MS Special Education

Emily Peterson is the 6th grade Special Education Teacher. One of the things Emily enjoys about working for Humboldt Schools is that staff puts the students first in education.

Ashley Plummer

MS Art

Ashley Plummer works as the Middle School Art Teacher at HMS. One of the things she enjoys about working for the school is working with students to push their creative thinking abilities to create original work.

Becky Ross

5th Grade

Becky Ross teaches Social Studies to four sections of 5th grade. She also teaches one section of 5th grade Language class. One of the things Becky likes about working for the school is the chance she gets to inspire students to develop into "mini-adults" by being responsible for their own...

Spencer Ross

6th Grade Social Studies

Spencer Ross serves as the 6th grade Social Studies teacher. Spencer enjoys being a part of such a wonderful staff and helping students grow and become life-long learners.

Jennifer Savery

7th Grade Language Arts/8th Grade Spanish/TLC Instr Coach

Jennifer Savery teaches 7th grade literacy and the Spanish explore classes at the middle school. In addition to enjoying the amazing staff and students in the district, she also loves exploring new ways to challenge and engage her students.

Natalie Schulz

8th Grade Reading/Explore

Natalie Schulz teaches Language Arts at the Middle School and an 8th grade explore class called Transition to High School. Out of the many joys of teaching at the HCSD, Natalie most enjoys her one-on-one conversations with students because she leaves most of these encounters knowing that her day has...

Kathy Stover

5th Grade

Mrs. Stover is fifth-grade science and language arts instructor at the middle school. The students are at the center of what I enjoy about working in education. Each day brings another opportunity to share struggles and successes connected to learning and the development of young people.

Trisha Tegland

6th Grade Sciecne

Trisha Tegland serves as the 6th grade science teachers. She enjoys working with the great staff and students at the middle school. One thing Trisha enjoys about teaching science is watching students investigate new concepts and the curiosity that it sparks in them. She enjoys helping students work through scientific...

Lisa Theesfeld

5th Grade

Mrs. Theesfeld is the 5th-grade Reading and Language Arts instructor at the middle school. The thing she enjoys most about working for the school is the children that she gets to interact with each day. She loves listening to their ideas and watching as they begin to develop a deeper...

Jason Thurm

8th Grade Social Studies

Jason Thurm teaches 8th grade Social Studies and coaches baseball and basketball. Jason enjoys the challenges of helping and motivating students to reach their full potential.

Jennifer Ulrich

6th Language Arts

Jennifer Ulrich is the 6th grade ELA teacher. One of the things Jennifer likes about working for the school is how the entire staff works together to provide its students with the best possible experience and education.

Janis Wickett

6th Grade Math/Success Center

Jani Wickett teaches 6th and 7th grade math. There are many things Jani loves about teaching in the Humboldt Community School District but one of the biggest is the support she feels from her colleagues, administrators and parents. She feels that everyone works together to make Humboldt Schools a great...

Kathleen Yoakam

5th/6th Grade Instrumental Music

Kathy Yoakam is the 5th and 6th Grade Band Director. The thing she loves about Humboldt is the dedication of the Staff to teach all students to the best of their ability in a caring way.

High School Certified Staff

Drew Barker

HS Instrumental Music

Drew Barker serves as the 9-12 Band Instructor. In addition to teaching High School Band, he assists with 5-8 band lessons and teaches the history of film music through Independent Music Study. One of the things Drew likes about working in the Humboldt Community School District is the hard work...

Kathi Beach

HS Math

Kathi Beach serves as a High School Math Teacher, Junior Varsity Volleyball Coach, AIW Anchor and Teacher Mentor for the Humboldt Community School District. Kathi enjoys working with the high school math department as they are highly qualified professionals that constantly challenge her and encourage her to improve the quality...

Tony Beach

Physical Education/Business

Tyler Benschoter

HS Spanish

Tyler Benschoter is the instructor for Spanish 1 and 2 classes. His favorite thing about working in Humboldt is all of the diverse learning opportunities available to our students.

Katlin Bidne

HS Family & Consumer Science

Ryan Bowman

HS Science

Jared Feddersen

HS Social Studies

Jared Feddersen is a High School Social Studies teacher and is proud to teach in Humboldt Community Schools where learning and success for all is a top priority.

Kristen Fisher


Kristen Fisher serves as the Coordinator for the Alternative Learning Program for the Humboldt Area (ALPHA). One of the things Kristen likes about working for the school is being a part of a learning environment that engages students in an individualized educational program where students learn the skills necessary to...

Justine Hellman

HS Art

Justine Hellman serves as the high school art teacher. One of the things Justine enjoys about working with the students is watching their excitement when they persevere through practicing with materials and overcome obstacles to find success in a project they were passionate about.

Tonia Kakacek

HS Para Edcucator

Tonia Kakacek works at the Humboldt High School as an Associate in the Level 3 Resource Room. Tonia enjoys working for Humboldt High School because she likes the school system and she also enjoys working with all the High School employees. Tonia also enjoys working with her students and enjoys...

Roseanne Keolakhonevong

HS Science

Rose Keolakhonevong is the chemistry teacher in the Science Department at Humboldt High School. Mrs. Keolakhonevong uses a lab-based inquiry approach in her classroom, allowing her students to achieve high levels of academic rigor through authentic application of chemistry topics. She also teaches some biology, advanced chemistry, and organic chemistry....

Emily Lane

HS Science & TLC Instructional Coach

Emily is one of the science teachers at the high school, primarily teaching Earth Science. Emily enjoys getting to know the kids in the building and working with them to accomplish their goals.

Paul Lauger

HS Math & TLC Instructional Coach

Paul Lauger is a High School Mathematics, Principles of Engineering and Computer Science Instructor. Paul enjoys working with the students and seeing them gain understanding in the subject areas he teaches.

Shelly Martin

HS Special Education

Shelly Martin works with high school special education students and believes the staff is very supportive and student focused.

DeDe Merris

HS Special Education

DeDe Merris serves as a Special Education Teacher at the High School. Dede enjoys working for a district in which the success of all students is a top priority. She also appreciates the exceptional staff who work together to build a welcoming successful learning environment.

Rodd Mooney

HS Language Arts

Rodd Mooney is a high school Language Arts Instructor. He also coaches MS Football, Varsity Girl's Basketball and Varsity Girl's Soccer. He enjoys teaching and working with the students.

Megan Myers

HS Spanish

Megan Myers serves as one of two Spanish teachers, teaching Spanish 2 through 4. One of the things Megan likes about working for the school is that the day-to-day challenges lead to big "a-ha" moments for students over the course of the two to three years she has the students...

Kayla Newton

HS Science

Kayla Newton serves as a high school science teacher, color guard instructor, 8th grade girls basketball coach, junior class sponsor and mentor. She takes pride in educating the students in her home town, because once a Wildcat, forever and always a Wildcat.

David Orr

HS Science

Dave Orr serves as high school science and engineering teacher. One of the things Dave likes about working for Humboldt Schools is the supporting staff and engaging students.

Shelley Powers

HS Guidance Counselor

Shelley Powers is the High School Counselor. She works with students on an individual or group basis addressing students' academic, personal, social/emotional and college & career needs. In her spare time, Shelley loves boating and doing activities outside with family and friends. She says the best part of working in...

Shelby Quade

HS Language Arts

Shelby Quade teaches 11th and 12th grade Language Arts, Advanced Placement Literature and Composition, Advanced Placement Language and Composition, and Mythology at Humboldt High School. Shelby enjoys being a part of a staff that works together to build a welcoming and rigorous learning community where students strive to succeed.

Alyssa Reekers

HS Health Occupations

Alyssa Reekers teaches the Health Occupation courses at Humboldt High School. Prior to becoming an instructor she worked at Ft. Dodge Unity Point Intensive Care Unit as a Registered Nurse. She also worked for Iowa Central as an instructor for nursing. Although her background is in nursing, Alyssa is familiar...

Dean Schnetzer

HS Special Education

Dean works in the high school Special Education Deptartment. The department has a great leader in Cassie Smith, while the other teachers and associates keep a stressful department running smoothly with all their flexibility and wiliness to cover uprising situations. The one thing Dean likes about working in the area...

Elizabeth Short

HS Language Arts/Success Center

Elizabeth Short is the tenth grade Language Arts teacher, Advanced LA9/LA10 teacher, and yearbook advisor. One of the things Mrs. Short enjoys about her job is how she can help students figure out future careers and aspirations in her Job Shadow class.

Cassandra Smith

HS Special Education

Cassie Smith serves as a 9-12 Special Education teacher at the high school. One of the things Cassie likes about working for Humboldt is the dedicated staff who work to bring learning to all students in order to prepare them for life after high school.

Pam Swan

HS Math & TLC Instructional Coach

Pam Swan serves as a high school mathematics teacher. She also serves as the 5-12 mathematics coach. One thing she enjoys about teaching at HHS is the dedicated staff and the strong leadership provided by our principal. She enjoys the technology that has impacted teaching over the years.

Doug VanPelt

HS Social Studies

Doug Van Pelt teaches various Social Studies courses at the High School. He enjoys serving in a district where they strive for learning and success for all.

Greg Wickett

HS Social Studies & TLC Instructional Coach

Greg Wickett teaches High School Social Studies and serves as the High School Technology Integrationist. Greg enjoys working with students and staff to find creative ways to bring higher order educational experiences into the classroom.

Shared Certified Staff

Michael Blair

7 - 12 Vocal Music

Michael Blair is the 7 - 12 Vocal Music Instructor at Humboldt Middle and High School. He directs the 7/8 Middle School Choir, High School Women's Choir and Concert Chorale. Extra-Curricular duties include the high school Fall Musical, Jazz Choir, Solo and Ensemble Festival, Barbershop Festival, and auditorium technical director....

Lucinda Boyd

KG/5th/6th Vocal Music, TLC

Lucinda Boyd teaches general music to kindergarten students at Mease Elementary and vocal music to 5th and 6th grade students at Humboldt Middle School. In addition, Mrs. Boyd serves as a TLC instructional coach providing additional learning opportunities throughout PK-12 grades. Mrs. Boyd strives to offer learning opportunities that support...

Jessica Fuller

MS & HS Language Arts

Jessica Fuller serves as a 7th grade Literacy teacher. She also teaches a number of Language credit classes at the high school. One of the things Jessica likes about working for the district is that the teachers share the same passion for all students and their success. She also enjoys...

Shelley Gerjets

HS/MS English Language Teacher

Shelley Gerjets serves as the Humboldt High School and Middle School ELL (English Language Learner) teacher. She especially enjoys working with individuals and small groups of new students on reading and speaking the English language. She is very proud when her students begin using English words in their classes and...

Jarod Haselhuhn

Elem & MS TAG, Challenge

Jarod Haselhuhn serves as the K-8 Talented and Gifted Teacher. One of the things that Jarod likes best about working for the school district is how positive the students and staff are in each building every day.

Tom Johnson

MS & HS Voc Ag

Tom Johnson serves as the Ag-Ed/FFA Advisor. He enjoys working with the staff and all Humboldt CTE students to confidently and successfully transition into post-secondary and career opportunities and become positive, contributing members of society.

Jennifer Kehoe

K-12 Media Specialist & TLC Instructional Coach

Jennifer Kehoe serves as the K-12 Media Specialist for the district and is also the Technology Integration Coach for Taft Elementary and 5th and 6th grade Computer Explore teacher. She enjoys sharing her love of reading and technology.

Justin McDaniel

Physical Education

Mr. McDaniel teach physical education to elementary and alternative students. He enjoys working with a fun group of staff members here at Humboldt.

Chandra McMahon

HS-MS Math & HS-MS TAG/Challenge

Chandra McMahon serves as a high school math teacher and high school TAG coordinator. One thing she likes is working with students and encouraging them to see how much they are capable of learning.

Heather Nielsen

HS & MS Health/Success Center

Heather Nielsen serves as the Middle and High School Health Educator and teaches Consumer Math. She loves being back in her hometown and making a difference with the youth. She is an adviser for Student Senate and the Interact Club (student lead Rotary). Making sure students are educated consumers and...

Connie Rasmussen

HS Physical Education

Connie Rasmussen has been a Physical Education teacher for Humboldt Community Schools for over 20 years. The Physical Education Department strives to promote the importance of physical activity and healthy choices to inspire healthy adult living.


Carmen Baker

ELL Associate

Carmen's job is to help the students who do not speak English. She helps them in their classes, with their tasks they have to do and any activity they need to do, Carmen also helps with the calls and translations that are required for the parents. She really enjoys this...

Shondel Beaman

Elem Para Educator

Jacqueline Bell

HS Para Educator

Jacqueline is an associate who works with students in the Special Ed department. She works one on one with a student in her classes and other level 3 students.

Susan Blanchard

Para Educator

Susan Blanchard serves as a para-educator for the Special Education Department at Humboldt High School.

Deb Brant

MS Para Educator

Deb is a middle school one-on-one associate. Deb loves working for at middle school. She enjoys very much working with students and is very grateful to work with a great team, and very nice atmosphere.

Joyce Bruder

Elem Media Para Educator

Joyce Bruder serves as Preschool-2nd grade librarian. Mrs. Bruder likes reading favorite stories to students and finding their special books to check out. She thoroughly enjoys listening to students learn to read and to help them choose their own exciting stories to delight in.

Deb Dahl

Elem Para Educator

Deb works as a Resource Associate at Mease and Taft. Deb really enjoys working with the students in a variety of settings. For Deb, there is always laughter in every day and she finds the success of her students very rewarding.

Linda Danielson

MS Para Educator

Linda Danielson is a 7th grade level ParaEducator at HMS. She enjoys assisting students in their day to day learning. Greeting students as they get off the bus each and every morning come rain, sleet or snow is how she begins each day.

Megan Douglas

MS Para Educator

Megan Douglas enjoys working in Special Education as a Paraprofessional. One of the things that Megan likes about working at Humboldt Middle School is the connections she has with the other staff which creates a positive atmosphere where she can help children set goals and accomplish them.

Deb Fevold

Elem Para Educator

Deb is a Para at Taft Elementary. She enjoys working with the kids and being part of the Wildcat Family.

Kylee Fischer

MS Para Educator

KyLee Fischer serves as a 6th grade classroom associate for the middle school. One of the things KyLee likes about working for the school is that she gets to help students reach their highest potential and work with an amazing staff that cares for each and every one of their...

Jennifer Gardewine

HS Para Educator

Jenny Gardewine is an associate at the High School. She loves her job and everyone works together to create a positive environment for learning.

Joyce Gruhn

MS Para Educator

Joyce Gruhn works as a Certified Paraeducator in the Middle School Special Education Department. Joyce enjoys the challenge of working with students that learn in a different way and to see their progress in the areas of literacy and math.

Cathy Helvick

Elem Para Educator

Cathy Helvick is a one on one associate. Cathy likes working at Taft Elementary because the students are a really great group of kids. Cathy also enjoys working with the staff at Taft; they work hard everyday helping the kids learn and grow in so many ways and always have...

Julie Hendricks

Elem Para Educator

Julie is an associate who works one on one with students who have special needs. Julie enjoys the children and likes seeing them achieve their goals.

Sonia Himrod

Teacher Associate

Pam Hosford

St Mary Para Educator

Pam Hosford works as a teacher associate at St. Mary's School. One of the things Pam likes about working for the school is being able to help the students with their education and working with a very friendly staff.

Sue Hundertmark

Elem Para Educator

Sue is a para-educator at Taft Elementary. She loves working with the students and staff at Humboldt Schools.

Brittny Kramer

HS Para Educator

Brittny Kramer is a Para-Educator in the Special Education Department at the high school. Brittny is also an athletic coach for the school district and enjoys teaching young athletes the basics of athletics. One thing she enjoys about working with the High School Special Education staff is their dedication to...

Rhonda Lange

MS Media Para Educator

Rhonda Lange serves as the Middle School Media Center Associate. Rhonda enjoys helping the students during their study halls with their homework or mending the occassional computer here and there.

Nikki Ludolph

Elem Para Educator

Nicole works as classroom associate in the 4 year old preschool at Mease Elementary. One of the reasons that Nicole likes working for the school is that she gets to see the smiling faces of the eager to learn children everyday knowing that these faces are the future of our...

Cayleigh McBee

Elem Para Educator

Cayleigh McBee serves at a 1 on 1 associate. One of the things Cayleigh likes about working for the school is that the staff is caring and they work very hard to help all students learn to the best of their abilities.

Kim McKibban

Elem Para Educator

Kim works as a one on one associate at Mease. She enjoys being around the students and staff and being part of the Wildcat family.

Tiffany Medley

Elem Para Educator

Ms. Medley serves as a Reading Associate at Mease and Taft Elementary. She enjoys working with the students in a small group setting and watching their progress throughout the school year is rewarding.

Ashley Mohr

MS Para Educator

Ashley Mohr serves as an associate at the Humboldt Middle School. Ashley is also the Special Olympic Coach. Ashley likes working for the school because of the great staff she works with and by getting the opportunity to further her knowledge through professional development.

Tracy Newman

ALPHA Para Educator

Mrs. Newman is a para-educator at the High School ALPHA.

Lori Pederson

MS Para Educator

8th grade Teacher's/Special Needs Associate

Trina Pederson

Elem Para Educator

Trina is a one on one associate at Mease. She enjoys helping the students; everyday is different and fun! She's glad to be part of the Mease team.

Allyssa Peterson

Elem Para Educator

Allyssa Peterson is a 1 on 1 preschool associate. One thing Allyssa likes about working for the school is the teachers are very friendly, helpful and fun to work with.

Carol Quint

HS Para Educator

Carol Quint serves as our success center supervisor. She helps students succeed in their academics. She helps them turn in missing assignments and keeps them on task. She works in a quiet environment to help the students concentrate and stay focused on the academics. Carol helps assists them with learning...

Sarah Rassmussen

MS Para Educator

Sarah Rasmussen serves as a Middle School 1 on 1 Associate. One of the things Sarah likes about working for the school is that she gets the opportunity to work with students everyday and strive for independence for the students.

Diana Shillington

Elem Para Educator

Diana Shillington works in a Resource Room supporting students in reading and math. The students and staff make Taft a great place to work.

Breanna Siggers

HS Para Educator

Breanna Siggers serves a a para-educator for the Special Education Department at Humboldt High School. She enjoys working with all students and staff.

Pam Stalpes

Para Educator - Media

Pam Stalpes serves in the High School Media Center. Along with keeping up with the duties of a librarian, Pam also helps with technology issues that may arise. Pam monitors study halls each period. One of the things the High School Staff tries to create is a great learning environment...

Katie Staton

Elem Para Educator

Katie Staton serves as a para-professional in the Elementary building. One of the things Katie likes about working for the school is that she gets to watch students grow from Preschool level to High School level! She enjoys getting to know each and every student and building that relationship with...

Jenny Stewart


Jenny Stewart serves as the STEM Educator for grades 1 thru 4 at Taft Elementary. STEM education creates critical thinkers and problem solvers.

Natasha Stovall

HS Para Educator

Natasha Stovall is an associate at the High School. She works with high school students in the Special Education Department. She enjoys working with the students, staff and all their willingness to help when needed.

Clarissa Thomas

MS Para Educator

Clarissa is a fifth grade special education associate. Clarissa loves seeing the kids every day and it makes every second of her job worth a lot to her. It means a lot to Clarissa to know that she is making a difference in children’s lives.

Gidget Trask

HS Para Educator

Kathy Ubben

Elem Para Educator

Kathy works in the Elementary as a one on one associate She loves her job and the people she works with are amazing!!

Kim Waldera

MS Para Educator

Kim Waldera is a middle school para-educator. Kim's favorite thing about working with the students is seeing the light in their eyes when they succeed, knowing that she played a part in their success. Kim also feels blessed to work with a great bunch of people.

Katina Warden

Elem Para Educator

Katina Warden is a One-on-One Associate. One thing that Katina likes about working for the school is helping and watching the students grow from the first day of school to the last.

Robyn Weisbrich

Elem Para Educator

Robyn is a Paraeducator for a 1 on 1 student. She enjoys helping students meet their goals. Their success is her success.

Cheryl Wilcox

MS Para Educator

I am a para at the Middle School. This is the first year that I have worked here. I was at the high school last year. I am looking forward to meeting the new students here.

DeDe Wurn

MS Para Educator

Deedee Wurn is a one on one associate for Humboldt Middle School. She enjoys working with the students to help make their days successful, and assist teachers if needed.

Vivian Gronbach

MS Para-Educator

Support Staff

Cadie Arends

Food Service

Shawn Benz

Food Service

Shawn Benz is part of the middle school food service staff. Shawn serves the lunch meal and assists the lead cook and dishwasher. Shawn enjoys working with the kids.

Troy Bindel


Jenni Brown

Taft Secretary

Jenni Brown is the secretary at Taft Elementary. Jenni enjoys seeing the students smiling faces everyday.

Melinda Busick

Food Service Director

Melinda is the Food Service Director for the District. She coordinates and oversees all kitchens for Humboldt Community Schools and Twin Rivers. Melinda enjoys the variety, never a dull moment.

Nicky Calmer

Food Service

Nicky Calmer is the lead cook at the High School. She prepares the main dish, hot vegetables, condiments, odds and ends. She also enjoys working with a variety of staff and students.

Melissa Collins

Food Service

Pam Conlon

MS Secretary/Yearbook

Pam Conlon is the Middle School Secretary and creates the middle school yearbook. There are many positives of working for the school district, but Pam sees how each staff member truly cares about the kids and strive to have the best learning environment for them. Pam enjoys the interaction she...

Joan Cross

Food Service

Joan Cross is the dishwasher for the High School. She enjoys being a newcomer and learning new skills.

Bruce Davis


Bruce Davis is a middle school custodian. Bruce keeps the middle school building clean and germ-free. He enjoys seeing the students every day.

Michael Duffy

Maintenance Supervisor

Michael Duffy is the Custodial Supervisor overseeing the cleaning and maintenance of all the buildings and grounds throughout the Humboldt School District.

Carol Erickson

Food Service

Carol Erickson prepares and maintains the fruit/vegetable bar at the High School. She enjoys working with a variety of staff and students.

Michealeen Friesner

HS Secretary

Cozette Goldsmith

Elem Food Service

Jacob Green


Christine Hardgrove

Elem Nurse

Christine Hardgrove is the Elementary nurse. She enjoys seeing all the boys and girls smiling faces each day, and that she is able to be there for them when they need her.

Tamara Harms

Food Service

Tamara Harms is the lead cook at the middle school. She prepares meals and oversees the day to day operations. Tamara loves working with the staff and students, and knowing that she is making a difference in a child's life by feeding them a meal they may not get at...

Kenneth Hood

HS Custodian

Pam Houston

Food Service

Sheryl Jacobson

MS & HS Nurse

Sheryl Jacobson is the Humboldt Middle School and High School nurse. She enjoys working with students daily concerning their health needs. She appreciates the relationships she has made with students and families.

Jeff Kleiss

HS Custodian

Deanne Myers

Food Service

Deanne Myers is part of the middle school food service staff. Deanne helps serve the lunch meal and is also a dishwasher. Deanne likes working with the kids.

Julie Nielsen

HS Activities/Athletic Secretary

Julie Nielsen is the Activities/Athletic Secretary at the high school. She also takes care of the student attendance records for the HS. She enjoys working with a great group of people.

Jean Northrop

Food Service

Jean Northrop prepares and maintains the fruit and vegetable bar at the middle school.Jean loves to work with kids and staff and help to brighten their day, and to make sure they get a healthy fruit and vegetable every day.

James Robinson


Terry Ruby



Joline Schulze

HS Custodian

Joline Schulze works in th Custodial Department for the Humboldt School District. She enjoys that through the years that she has worked here that one thing never changes - the strive and determination of all the staff to make each and every student the best they can be.

Darlene Smith

MS Secretary

Darlene Smith is a secretary at Humboldt Middle School. Darlene maintains student records and is the friendly voice on the phone when you call. Every day is a new adventure at the middle school which makes it a great place to work.

Terry Smith

Elem Custodian

Michelle Thomas

Elem Secretary

Mrs. Thomas has been welcoming Mease students and their families since 2007. She enjoys working with the children and their teachers in her administrative assistant role. When you contact Mease she will be eager to assist you.

Kim Tinken

Food Service

Kim Tinken is the baker for the High School. She also works on salads and milk.

Joni Torkelson

HS Registrar/Secretary

Joni Torkelson is the Registrar for Humboldt. She enjoys the people she works with and all the students she gets to know year after year.

Alicia Woods

Para Educator

Alicia Woods serves as an associate in the Special Education Department at the High School. One of the things Alicia likes about working at the school is working with the staff at the High School. One of the things Alicia likes about working at the school is working with the...

Joe Zimmer


Dakota Houston

MS Custodian

Dakota Houston takes care of janitorial duties at the middle school. He vacuums the rooms in the 7/8 pod and pod area, takes out garbage and recycling as well as sweeps the classrooms, halls and office area. He enjoys the people he works with and the independent responsibility.

© 2018 Humboldt Community School District. All rights reserved.

© 2018 Humboldt Community School District. All rights reserved.