School Safety

School safety is the top priority at Humboldt Community School District.  Throughout the school year, processes and procedures are utilized to systematically educate and foster a culture of safety.  In the 2023-24 school year, the district implemented QuickAccess, an app to alert staff in the event of safety drills or crisis situations.  The district also convened a crisis team to meet quarterly.  This team is made up of teachers, administrators, law enforcement, emergency management, and hospital personnel.  If you have concerns or questions related to school safety, please contact Jessica Goodenow, Director of Safety and Mental Health at (515)332-1430

Safe and Sound Iowa–Anonymous Reporting
Safe and Sound
  • A free anonymous K-12 school safety reporting system is now available to help prevent violence, unlawful possession of weapons, self-harm and other forms of victimization and threatening behaviors in schools across the state. Use the following instructions to speak out:
    • Downloading and using the free Safe+Sound Iowa app 
    • Going to, or
    • Calling 800-224-6018 
  • Trained dispatchers monitor reports made through Safe+Sound Iowa 24/7 and immediately engage in two-way communication with those raising concerns to ensure the information is vetted. Dispatchers then share information with the appropriate local school safety contact, law enforcement or other community partners so outreach and support can be provided to the student in crisis.

Quick Access

Quick Access is an emergency response tool that HCSD utilizes for staff.  In an emergency, this app allows staff to access the district’s crisis plan digitally based on their assigned building.  The administration is also able to send emergency notifications to staff quickly.


Linewize is used to assess threats on student devices.  These threats are categorized using line-reading software.  The categories are bullying/violence, sexual content, offensive user, oversharer, grooming, terrorism, vulnerable person, and general risk.  Administration is alerted when a student’s device is flagged from these categories.  Appropriate conferencing, counseling referrals, and/or disciplinary action are taken based on the evidence provided through Linewize.



Alongside is an interactive support for social and emotional learning available to middle and high school students.  Students can access the app using this school device or cell phone.  Using AI technology, students have immediate access to support related to home life, social connections, and mindfulness practices.  Teachers can utilize this app for students dealing with a crisis that may have difficulty sharing.  The administration can see themes in what is shared through the app but cannot access the specific dialogue between the app and the student.