Humboldt Board of Directors

Tate Satern
School Board President-District I

Jim Mertz
School Board Vice President-District IV

Dr. Bettie Burres Youngs
School Board Member-District II

Bob Myott
School Board Member-District III

Shane Davis
School Board Member-District At Large

Role of the Board

School Boards and Superintendents work as a team. In the Humboldt CSD, the Board of
Directors set the exemplary standards that best serve the interests of the children and patrons
of the District. Working together, each has its own responsibilities: the Board sets policies and
priorities and the Superintendent and his staff carry out those policies.

The Humboldt CSD voters elect Board members to serve four-year staggered terms ensuring
that Board membership includes experienced members. Service on the Board is voluntary and
members must complete extensive orientation as well as continued training throughout their
terms. The Humboldt CSD Board of Directors participates in hours of training year after year.
They also have the executive power and duty to govern and oversee the management of the
Humboldt CSD. Acting as a collective body, the Board sets the direction for the School
District. Some of the Board’s general responsibilities include:

  1. Govern and oversee the management of the District
  2. Setting District policies and supporting administrators and teachers in the
    execution of those policies.
  3. Employing and evaluating the Superintendent.
  4. Adopting the Annual Budget.
  5. Levying/collecting taxes and issuing bonds.
  6. Performing specific duties imposed by the state.
  7. Publish an Annual Report describing the District’s educational performance
    including performance objectives and the progress of each campus toward those objectives.