Coach: Joe Hadar
Assistant Coach: Tony Beach

The soccer program was established in Humboldt in 2002.  Each season, the boys are scheduled to play 17 regular season Varsity games and about 10 JV games.

“We never lose. Often we win, other times we learn.” ~ R. Joest, Technical Director Audi LeMans Project

All home games are played at the old Football Field, Taft Street and 7th Ave North.

Students who choose to play soccer will learn various skills, philosophies, and terminology relating to the sport and the goals set forth for the season. We encourage participation in as many extra-curricular activities as the studen can comfortably manage, and discourage players from participating soley in soccer year round.

Our team prides itself on sportsmanship, and each student-athlete is expected to conduct himself in the appropriate manner on and off the field.

Our sport is also directly represented by a Humboldt men’s team that plays in the Midwest Soccer League. We look to develop players to play at the next level, on and off the field.  We have now had several athletes play in college and many more who see soccer as a lifetime sport.

Motivational Quote:  “Theoretical and practical reason are inextricable linked; they are moments of a comprehensive rationality whose coherent development signifies the development of a rational will.” ~ J. Habermas

In Soccer we are always theoretically capable of playing better, restricted by our own practical reasons.  By understanding the give and take of personal decision making and goal setting, the student athlete develops not only soccer skills, but he observes the limitations he places on himself in becoming a better student and athlete, all through his own volition: IE. the development of a rational will.

Previous Successes

All-Time Leading Goal Scorer: Alex Gonzalez 2016-2019
Single Season leading Goal Scorer: Alex Gonzalez
Most Career Saves: Joel Osborn
Best Season:  2022  –  17-1

Schedule of Events

Soccer Practice Begins: March


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