Music Program Vision

The Humboldt Wildcat Music Program is committed to providing quality music education for students in addition to fostering an aesthetic growth as part of students’ total education. The goal of our program is to develop the highest possible levels of musical achievement, performance, and appreciation through a comprehensive curriculum.

The music programs are designed for all students to create, perform, respond, and connect music to history, society, and other disciplines.  Students will develop in a supportive community, foster an appreciation for the arts, and build an understanding of the value of music in our society and the world.

Instrumental music at Humboldt begins in 5th grade where all students have the opportunity to test out a variety of band instruments. Students in 5th & 6th perform concerts throughout the school year and develop individual tone and technique as well as collaboration skills. In 7th and 8th grade students add parade marching to their repertoire, bringing smiles to many as the band marches down the street at various holiday parades. Students also have the opportunity to join jazz band and explore the rich heritage of America’s own music. High School instrumental music offers concert band, marching band, jazz band, pep band, musical pit, and solo/small ensembles. A highlight for students and parents alike in the music program is the finale Parade of Bands concert in May which features 5th-12th grade Band students. The Humboldt music department is grateful to the Humboldt Music Boosters for their continued advocacy, fundraising, and support of students’ musical development. 

HS Director:  Emily Willadsen

MS–Laura Gibson teaches band and guitar class at the middle school along with co-teaching 5-12 band lessons in collaboration with the high school band director. A graduate of Coe College, Ms. Gibson is in her first year of teaching at Humboldt. Her favorite memories making music include joining a Swedish folk music group while studying in Sweden, teaching at summer jazz band camps, and performing in ensembles touring Italy and Costa Rica with the Coe College Bands. When not at school or working with music students, Ms. Gibson enjoys playing pickleball at the rec, dabbling in fiber arts,  spending time with family, and traveling.